0 Damage but had level 8 devastating boon


This was my result on a set of hammers when I had lvl 8 Busy Bee, lvl 8 Devastating & lvl 4 all-arounder.
Seems like something went wrong. it should have been +400 dmg but shows 0?


Remember that aoe 4 drops the damage by 40%

Use this site to help:



Dejavu from earlier today :smiley:


When you forge a hammer to increase the blocks it can hit, the damage it does reduces. So a 3x3 hammer will need to have a number of levels of damage boon just to bring the damage it does back up to its standard level. The ‘0’ on forged damage means that you’ve brought the reduced damage it does due to the aoe boon back up to the level of a normal unforged hammer (the hammer has neither reduced damage nor increased damage when compared to an unforged hammer).


Or lvl 4? Your title says lvl 4.

The amount tho seems to be lvl 6…


It was 8… i’ll fix that, and yes I was calculating wrong would be +600 at lvl 8 I believe.


I just tested this again here was the forge before setting.

Here is the results


That’s rank 6.


I have done this on Iron and Copper hammers and it always reduces to 40% not 0. 40% reduction will only ever reduce to 40% of the damage of the item. if it was to reduce to 0 then it would need to be 100% reduction.


yes this was another test not the same as the original set I did on 3 hammers


Working alexactly as it’s supposed to.

Lvl 3 cross AOE reduces damage to 40% = 400. Lvl 6 damage gives 30% + 300 damage = 1000 again.

End result is +0 damage.


Ahh, yeah I see now thanks for jogging my brain :slight_smile:


No worries I now see how you got confused. You read it as the final result was a hammer with 0 damage right?


Yup! Thanks


It not reducing to 0.

It means it is neither adding or removing from the base damage.

If you look above where it says ‘damage: 1430 (1000)’

1000 is the base damage of the tool, skill effect is adding 430.

So forge effect is not adding or removing damage, hence 0.

If it added 40% for example it would add 400 and say 400 damage as the forge effect giving you damage of 1830 base (1000) + skill (430) + forge (400).

Dunno if I explained that we’ll, but it is correct!


Yeah, as you’ve realised, the ‘0’ in purple relates only to how much effect the forging has done to the damage, so in your case the aoe boon reduced it, the damage boon increased it by the same amount as the reduction, hence an overall forge effect of zero when it comes to damage.


Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help in setting me straight.