1.0 announcement impact

  • Paralysed by impending wipe
  • Paralysed by 1.0 plans
  • Business as usual
  • Business as usual but also did a little bit of wee

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I find I struggle to want to do anything now as I’m just waiting on restarting. I’m still in game but gathering resources or earning coin seems a bit futile. So I’m mainly exploring as I want to see more of the EA worlds before they’re gone.

How about you? What did the 1.0 & publisher announcement mean for you?


I only picked the paralyzed options cause I don’t see any point in working on something on the worlds now. If you’re an established shop or city owner that’s different.

I’ve been working on making personal resources outside of Boundless to make my life easier when I get my feet in the 1.0 pre-launch event.

I’ve already got a workshop schematic done. Already have my new shop design done. Going to be working on a storage space project soon and then start fiddling with the idea of a city building project too. Then there’s guilds when guild features come online.

Lots of prep work before 1.0 for me that needs to be worked on. :smiley:


I stopped gathering myself as well and can’t see much sense in spending time building and finishing my projects - didn’t vote paralyzed though as its not the feeling I have; at the moment I’m waiting for Centraforge hitting live so I can play away with it fully (having main base and all resources stock on Therka mean my abilities to do that in testing are limited) - will release 2nd part of Centraforge Tutorial then as well.

After that I will embrace the wipe and entering new universe to test start from scratch and see how progression of character works with progression of worlds. new resources and atmospheres should hit then as well I assume.


Although, I’m actually paralyZed and not paralySed because I live in the U.S. :sunglasses:

I basically Boundless’d myself half to death in trying to get my front lawn trailer-ready after they announced the new video, and then I took a bit of a break and got distracted… and the announcement that everything would be coming down soon just killed any momentum I had left.

Was already thinking about some interesting ideas for one-off builds, and that process has accelerated a lot now that “THE FUTURE” is not too far off, but it really knocked the wind out of me in terms of building anything in the here-and-now.


Picked business as usual but the truth is I am stuck in between business as usual and being paralyzed…
I am sorta halfheartedly showing up to maintain the store front…


Ditto friendo.


Business as usual for me …In fact it actually gave me a little kick start to try and finish some stuff off… if the current world’s are archived then it would be nice to know I’ve created something that’s not too shabby stored away. Plus I have to give @Stretchious a huge thank you for the water source blocks :blush: … I’ve placed one to create a waterfall from my sculpture, next I can have a little play and hopefully we’ll eventually see some in 1.0 … I’m looking forward to the new start which I’m guessing is going to hit in late November, early December ish, just in time for Christmas


definitely not paralyzed, in fact quite the opposite! it kicked me into high gear and now i’m working like a madman to finish my base :stuck_out_tongue:
apart from that, I just want to get as much feedback to the devs as possible, they have a lot of polishing to do, after the forge and such hits live, we have to make a major change in focus.
nevermind new features or ideas, what do they NEED to do/have to make this feel like a completed game.
I’m excited!


We are currently under the threat of impending doom (temporarily) so time to get a load of mats that have been gathering dust and build something weird(er) and wonderful…go crazy!
Clear out your shelves and go nuts because…why not!


I’ve been spending more time exploring the other worlds and unlocking regions, before they all disappear.

Oh, and attempting to build a giant smiley face out of gleam visible from space. Because why not.


More or less paralyzed. Stopped gathering and such. Will test out new things and try some crafting and recipies and keep up my builds till the end, but not going to bother much with playing.


For me is the same because I’m more or less new player so, have yet things to learn and to do. But I understand why now I see less players than before.


I’ve got a few builds I’d like to finish up before 1.0, so I’m basically doubling down on my efforts to collect resources


Heartened by the people completing projects. I’ve got a modest pile of stuff I’ll probably just sit on so next I’m on I’ll list it out and if anyone needs it for their builds they can come get it.


I’m quite keen to try out a few builds in preparation for 1.0, so I’m carrying on with some practice. After all, I need it…


it meant planning rebuild for mez :smile:


we can help you do this
no joke
pm me :wink:
i have connections to secret society off creative mode :smile: