1.0 celebration video from our devs?


They’re developing this game since 2014 and we didn’t see them yet.
The big date is coming, i guess they’re excited as much as we are. How about a little “get to know” video from our devs?
I’m just really curious about them. How they look like, who made this awesome game? (this is my opinion!)
I’m talking about a little “workplace lookaround” or “sitting and discussing about boundless” stuff.

What’s your opinion?


Yes please! <3 would be great!


We know how @james and @jesshyland look like… unless they used someone else’s pictures just for craic :grin:

So, using paint skills we can paste these and merge with game avatars bodies at least, making a dev team group photo with one of the worlds as background - totally in-game staged dev picture. :wink:


well I could always go into GUildford (UK) where their offices/studio are… turn up at the door and say hey long time fan, mind if i interview you guys? i am only 30 mins away from them :thinking: but would i sound like a crazzy stalker and be laughed at? :stuck_out_tongue:

How about it @james and team? mind if i interview you (just a gamer, not a journalist or anyone important) :wink:

you would have to supply the camcorder though


This actually would be kinda cool.


Should i interview the devs? ( :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • yes
  • No

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(this is fictional only)


I’ve been accused of peeking in their windows and stealing their secrets, so I guess I know well enough what they look like…


Accused is a bit of a weak word… We have proof! :joy:


Maybe just take a selfie with them all (provide yourself with a selfie shtick and pretend to be a Japanese tourist).


Some of them was interviewed in a vid from a gameshow for a couple of years ago…


The police report says quite a bit more than peeking in their windows…:rofl:


Can you provide me a link to that video?


Find it… :slight_smile:


@james - I’m thinking of updating the History of Boundless video - could include some video of the team?


i so need se it hahah


O.O @Squidgy is alive??? ! its been a while man… (you dont know me but hey :stuck_out_tongue: )