1 griefer found, Warning for builders

So i have been discussing with a person on steam who is to say the least… not intelligent. but that is what that is, amidst his rage and trolling he finally said what i knew, here it is just as a warning

People like this are sadly in the game, if you see him ingame dont interact with him.

that is all


People like that disgust me…

@ben @james anything we can do to people who openly admit griefing?

Hey @zouls - sad to see. We’ll take a look and take action if necessary.


Thank you. These kind of people will keep coming sadly, i pity all builders -.-’

Do you guys still have to see them in action? They might use that as a way to avoid a suspension or ban.

We have some logging technology that tracks changes by players. So we should be able to see from the data if they’re simply talking tough or genuinely being nasty.


He only have 2.1 hours though, so he really doesnt play it, he clearly bought it only to have something to complain about.

That’s good to hear ^^

This probably generates a good question for the community. How should we respond to griefers?

  • Silent ban (they can play but can’t change the world / talk to players.)
  • Game Ban (they can’t enter the world.)
  • Purgatory (limit them to a world that only contains griefers.)
  • Durations (hours, days, weeks, etc?)
  • Is there an increasing severity?
  • Zero tolerance?

I think we would need to define what a grifer is in a game where area protection is a part of the gamepaly before we can decide how they should be punished.

Right now as beacons are not really fully implemented i think a warning and thereafter a temporary ban until beacons are in at least.

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Yeah this is a tricky question, because griefing is the act of doing something to annoy or enrage other players which means that griefing is only a matter of intention.

building a big wall to stop players from passing could be define griefing, but a person might build a big wall to protect his castle, is it griefing?

a griefer might try to dig out an entire are and place blocks everywhere, but another person might dig out an entire are to get materials and place blocks to be able to get places he wouldnt normally, is it griefing?

Building a sculpture of genitalia can be considered a monument to lust and desire! how could this possibly be griefing!

So for me its hard, cause sometimes what might be griefing in one case might not be in another.

The one thing i think is important, is that if you have someone harassing you (verbally abusive, building all around you, doing everything he can to get you killed) then he can be reported, for these cases i think we should have increasing bans like wow (1st time: 1 hour, 2nd time: 1 day, 3rd: 1 week, 4th: 1 month 5th: permanent)

As thorbjorn mentioned, many of the ways a person can be griefing will be nullified when beacons come into the game, so i think the biggest griefing you will see will be beacon griefing, in a way that people will abuse beacons one way or another, maybe to build stuff nobody wants in the game but nobody can remove.

So the guy paid real money just to mess up other people’s builds? Clearly he has more money than sense.


Silent bans are perfect. Let them roam around worlds that they can’t touch. They’ll pretty much be walking training dummies.

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they can still go pull a ton of enemies then run into you, they could still constanly bodyblock you, they could still stalk you around. the fact that they cant talk or build wont really change much

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First of all speak with the “griefer”. I was once accused of griefing in mc but it was all a misunderstanding.

@Zouls A griefer has to be reported which then can be investigated. The team has then to decide whether the griefer was really griefing or if the reporter was just a troll. Communication can solve a lot of the problems. But ultimately if someone feels like he was griefed it was griefing unless the griefer can prove otherwise. If noone reports anything theres no griefer even if he did grief.
Might sound a bit confusing^^ blame the heat^^

For the consequences.
A purgatory seems far more therapeutic than just banning. But also means more work, dedicated servers just for griefers.
Maybe like that:
If someone was proven to be a griefer then

  • warn that person once.
  • silent ban him for 1h, 4h, 10h, 24h
  • and after one more grief purgatory.

maybe decrease the chances he gets to 2-3.
edit: maybe change the last 2-3 silent bans to real bans.

Never thought of that :fearful:

so if i made a wall and somebody got offended i can be considered griefing? if i build a shrine and somebody took it as offense to their religion i would be griefing? that is the problem with that argument saying that ‘‘if somebody said it, then they are always the victim’’ though i know you said they might be trolling its just hard… to define griefing is really tricky, especially in a game like this…

lets say i make a deathtrap that kills people and then take their drops, is that griefing? because some will consider it so, but i would consider it an effective way to get materials. matter of perception

i can just imagine an annoying person who is constanly jumping infront of you even when you try to fight…

ultimately wasn’t the right word^^ It’s more like if someone feels like he was griefed there might have been griefing but if noone feels like he was griefed there certainly wasn’t. Just to rule out some scenarios which can’t possibly be griefings.