1 last hurrah🎉 t6 running hunt

Hunt Leader: Hazel1558
Start: 2024-04-14T19:00:00Z
Best Bows: Diamond / Ruby / Blink
Protection: 4 Caustic
Duration: 2hrs to 2hrs 30min
Max Players: 20
Meeting point is on Amplified portals located at:

  • Rivertown on Arie - Upper Level NW Corner
  • Dragons Lair Main Hub - Sovereign Wall
  • The Future

One last hunt before I head off on a break. Feel free to drop in & out. Chilled hunt with lots of laughs & Loot.


60min until hunt starts

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One last hurrah sounds so final.


I will miss you so much. The hunt was amazing. Thank you for going one last hunt before we had to say goodbye :people_hugging:


I probably should have put for now :laughing:
I promise I’ll be back :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yeah amazing idea from Andy. I said to him it didn’t feel right just stopping. Glad he said it. Was so fitting.
I’ll still chat and game with you I’ll still be here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks so much to everyone that came. Huge apologies if you tried to come and it was full. Never thought I’d hit 20 players but we had it right through to the end. I’m honestly so touched so many came. Didn’t expect the turn out. For some reason I didn’t think anyone would show. Yet again you surprised me :purple_heart:

Sorry i was slow responding to messages at the end. I’m not great at multitasking lol. I wanted to give everyone some oort. Was spur of the moment :laughing:

I read through all the messages.
Honestly wish i wasn’t stopping but i will be back. I love the game and everyone I’ve played with that’s made it a joy. The support everyone has given you’ve no idea what that’s meant to me. Honestly the little things have the biggest impact.

Thanks for a fabulous hunt. It was fun, chaotic, lots of death but tons of loot. I hope you enjoyed and got loads.
Every hunt I’ve ever run I’ve always strived to get the best loot. Thinking of ways to making it more efficient that’s why I created various guides. But in all honesty, everyone that comes. You guys are the driving force. It isn’t down to me it’s down to you all. You are all what makes a hunt and I’m forever grateful to you all.

Operation Smart Stack will always be one of my iconic hunts but again you helped create that. T3 operation smart stack will always be my favourite hunt.

I’m glad that when meteors land on a group you’ll think of me. Or when anyone says regroup. It’s not how i want to be remembered but it was funny and hilarious. I love it :rofl: If i get a smile when that happens that makes me happy.

I’m glad there’s so many happy memories. I will be back & I’ll still be around on discord so feel free to drop me a message anytime. I’ll try check in on peoples discords where possible.

Much love to you all. And make that sacrifice to the oort gods so it rains meteors :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

I’ll be back at some point in the future stay boundless.

Here’s some shots from the hunt tonight:

I never chase numbers when it comes to hunts but this made me so happy and was unbelievably touched

2 cheeky meteors on Amplified at the end

Special shoutout to @Turrican2006 for jumping on for the hunt that meant a lot. Felt like old times. You’ve always inspired me to be a better hunt leader. Thanks so much for everything. Hopefully game with you again soon.


I’ll miss your hunts. :yellow_heart:

We did pretty good on this one. :smiley:


In the boundless universe where worlds collide,
We ventured together, side by side.
Through portals and landscapes, our friendship took flight,
But now it’s time to part, under fading light.

No farewells exchanged as you log off tonight,
Just memories lingering, though out of sight.
In the digital realm of Boundless, where dreams unfold,
Our bond remains strong, a story yet untold.

Though your avatar fades from the screen’s embrace,
In my heart, your presence will find its place.
For in the world of Boundless, where wonders ignite,
We’ll meet again, under starry night.

So here’s to the moments we’ve shared, my friend,
In the boundless expanse where our adventures extend.
No goodbyes spoken, just a silent sigh,
For in the world of Boundless, true friends never say goodbye.


Thank you for all the hunts and good times. Until next time, catch ya later :slight_smile:




Loving the captures everyone took :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It was a fun hunt.


I love this. Thank you for that. It hit in the feels but was also so perfect.


@EmBee that screenshot is awesome. The hole i fluffed & created with a meteor coming in. Perfect lol.

@Vanqu1sher see you again soon :blush: The screenshots you sent me were awesome especially this one.