1 shot T8 hammer


Since I have yet to see this in a store what do you guys think the value of this hammer is?
According to the data it will 1 shot up to T8 and with Level 5 strength brew 1 shot T7 seams.
Any thoughts?


I’m guessing around 30k but wont sell for that atm because no T8 available yet.


So 24k for mats + 6k for enchanting? I feel like that might be a little low considering the headache of forging Rift but then again I am partial XD.


Guess I could just keep it for myself for when a T8 finally appears.


Rift is going for 200 a piece right now, and you can make a 10 stack of bows off a mass craft of gems. So 360x200 = 72000 coin /10 bow = 7200 for just the gems per bow, then maybe another 2k per bow for forging mats. Then whatever else you needed. I would say fair price is 15-20k so forger makes a profit max.

Anything above that might be too much.

Umbris would be more expensive due to it being 650 to 700c per gem.
And blink in the middle I think, maybe I have blink and rift backwards.

But even so, if rift is 450 each, then 360x450=162000c for gems / 10 bows = 16,200 per bow plus 2k for forging mats = 18,200 so for the forger to make a profit maybe 20-25k


How is rift 200 a piece and where? There hasn’t been a rift exo in a little bit but there have been two umbris recently? If anything umbris and blink should be dirt cheap right now. . . right?


In addition where are you finding rift for 200 per? I wouldn’t mind getting some for a project.


I think umbris is always the most expensive because there is always so little of it, on the exos. I normally check alutech for pricing.

Later in my post I said if it was 450, I think that’s the last price I saw for rift


Alutech is usually the one I see buying for that price. He sells for higher. But the miner sells at 200c or 450c whichever he has it at for buying. So if you buy straight from a miner you will get it cheeper then a rebuy


Sorry, I am basing my calculations on what I as a miner sell it for, not what you purchase from a plinth or shop stand due to tax or hike up


But nobody has rift to sell most likely, there hasn’t been a rift world in a while. Also umbris is much more plentiful than rift on the planets I have been to so I really don’t understand. Is there a much greater demand for Umbris?


No that’s fair. I would gladly buy it from someone for 200c but I dont feel like anyone would sell it for that.


Right, I am not sure about the fluctuations in game due to gem price and lack of recent planets, I would think the forger would buy low, so they wouldn’t buy at peak times.


Well, not sure. I guess we could ask the alutech owner if he gets anyone selling them at that price. I would think so, if so then you could probably setup a request basket for slightly higher and still offer the miner slightly better prices. Like 250c or 450c cant remember which it is. I get blink and rift mixed up


I feel like even though the New ores have been out for a while there is still a lot of uncertainty around them.


Yeah definitely, it’s up and down, but I do like that, not much in the game is like that. And it’s nice, it’s an actual demand and supply feel


Also you might not see anyone selling until a new planet comes out, due to sudden influx of the market supply.

So, you are correct if you are basing on higher gem buy prices then you would have to sell for higher. But I think in order to get sales for what miners might go for price wise, you would buy low when there is a surplus and sell for a decent price. When out, then you just wait until the next flow of gems come. Not sure how else it would be feasible. If too expensive and no one will buy it


IF that were true though, since there hasn’t been a rift world in a while you would think that prices would be elevated since the supply is low and the demand is high. But that seems to be the opposite of the case. Prices on exo ores continue to baffle me. I guess what it comes down to really in the end is what people would be willing to pay for that item at any given time. So I guess the hammers value would be different for everyone.


Yeah, that makes sense. It’s hard to set value since it’s not an exact economy.


Rift is so abundant when they come tho that’s why it’s cheaper. And I’m sure if you made a post looking for rift a bunch of people would have some to sell you. Iirc I have something like 1k rift still from one of the first rift planets. Lol. And I know @Ratchel is sitting on a lot of Lucent gems. But as for the price yea it’s usually between 200-350c or at least was when the rift exos were around.

Also I’d have to log in and look at the stats on my rift hammers(they would 1 shot t7 with no brew) but I was buying them from a shops at 25k

Also the last rift planet was 20days ago