1 shot T8 hammer




10 chars…


We gonna need that 1 shot T8 today! Mark my words!

Also gonna cook up some protection pies, we might need those too!


Good job forging and all, but I’m not sure that it would be anything more than a trophy item!

With the high energy drain and the slow speed, would make for tough going during mining.

Especially as you can get emerald/diamond hammers to 1 shot t8 with a strength brew as well.



Especially since a regular T6 diamond hammer can do it with a Mega Strength (dmg lvl 8)… Or a dmg lvl 9 emerald (also T6 1 shot capable)…

Am still wondering what the idea was behind the lucent tools, were they meant to be this utterly useless???


Uh oh, better hide these posts, to make the special tools useful, they might nerf the regular ones :grin::wink:


Nah, but am sure one of the few posters that quit playing many months ago will find it ‘better for the game’ or somesuch…


Placeholders for later if ya ask me~

1 shot t8 hammer for 30k? Lol, no thanks I make 4-5 regular two shot aoe hammers for that investment :3


That’s the thing, a regular T6 1 shotter diamond or emerald hammer can 1 shot T8 WITH a Mega Strength brew!


Yeah I don’t really get the Exo Hammers. I did this more as a project to see if I could. It was a pain in the butt. I am most likely just gonna eat the cost and keep it I guess.


Shh… I have no lucent gems!


Seriously he’s got a lot. Few thousand of each if I’m remembering correctly :joy:. I mean these aren’t the droids you are looking for.


Bob craves the lucent powder!


He’s ^ ^ ^ only has 10 mass crafts of rift :slight_smile:


Rift hammers are actually faster than diamond/emerald/ruby, and can 1shot seams as well as rock.

I think it’s an understandable trade-off. You can pony up and get the hammer that is going to 1shot everything you want (and nearly everything else using a guild buff), is faster, and innately lasts 1.5x longer. Or you can go with the cheaper one to make that takes two hits to break the important blocks, is slower, but could last just as long or more with the right forge, and uses roughly half the energy.

Honestly the only downside to rift hammers for me is the energy cost, but with the right spec I barely even notice it. I forge all my own stuff, and I prefer the convenience of being able to blast through everything without needing to hit any blocks twice with the aoe rift hammers I make.


In response to your original post, for comparison I sell these guys in my shops in Autumn Dell and Gyosha Mall for 20-22k


Do they sell well?


I love Autumn Dell btw. Seriously underrated little town.


I’ve sold around 10 since I figured out how to forge them in July, which I feel pretty good about since I havent done an ounce of advertising for my shops ha.


Thank you very much!! :grin::grin::grin: We’re quite happy with the little town we’ve put together :slightly_smiling_face: