1 shot T8 hammer

To be honest both of the hammers that were shown other than the AOE are really not that great IMO. Most of the damage that is done is from the skill level of the person, not the forge. Neither one has any plus to the durability (not that it is needed because they both are 3000, but…).

Not saying I could do any better just throwing that out there.

Rift hammers are nice one shot if you get extra speed on them . Then mega fast brew with starbery pie and you’ll be on your way. They can be a nightmare to forge especially with multiple hammers at the same time. So selling them much lower than 25-30 k is just not worth the effort.


Why in the forge effect does it say -damage. What’s the point of that don’t you want bonus damage. Sorry I’m still new to forging.

AOE boon causes the -dmg so you would then aim for the damage boon to counter the diminished damage that the AOE causes.

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Ahh ok ty for the response

I’m not really sure what your point is, because the same thing could be said about literally anything that is forged lol.

Maybe you missed my earlier response, but I explained above the benefits of using rift hammers over gem on t7s. They’re faster and they’re able to one shot rocks and seams.

They will only one shot seams if you make them single block hitters or use a strength brew with an AOE though.

Admittedly though they’re actually not too hard to forge as you only need damage level 5 om them for T7. Personally though I make myself day/night quirked emerald or diamond speed hammers for the T7s. They 1 shot with a speed brew and are much easier to forge with high action speed. Definitely requires a starberry pie to use them though.

Speed hammers are the way to go. Which would also make them faster than rift.

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@Ristok I might have misunderstood what you said. All I was saying is that for a “forged” item it did not have increased damage (actually was less due to AOE) and all the increased damage was from the person. I thought you? were saying the hammer was a T7/8 one shot because of the forge.

No slight/insult or anything was implied. :grinning::+1:

I mean it is a t7 one shot because of the forge. One shot Implies aoe, and for aoe to be able to do that much damage, you need to forge dmg onto the tool.