10 months, still can't log in

I’m stuck in an account called “Scribble” but my name is “Cobble”

Can I please get my account back? I haven’t played in 10 months cause I don’t wanna use this guys account

You should be able to log on as cobble, are you using a different steam account?

Weren’t you the guy who had 2 accs at 1 pc?
Wasn’t it the account of your brother?

Edit: Yep
Maybe it just happens due to some overriden files/logins whatever?

Im using my Cobble account

Yes it’s my brother.

Hello there! Sorry that you have encountered this issue.

I like to confirm the issue you are having.

  • You and your brother are playing the game using one account called Scribble
  • Scribble is your brother’s Boundless account.
  • You are playing Steam games with your own Steam account and your brother is playing Steam games with his account but both using the same computer.
  • Whenever you play Boundless using your Steam account, you automatically get logged into Scribble.Hence, you cannot play the game using Cobble.

Are the above correct?


Yes, except my brother doesn’t have a Steam. We made two accounts under my Steam.

Each Boundless account needs a unique Steam account. What you’re trying to do doesn’t work. Hence your problem.

How do I fix it…?

Make a new steam account, activate your steam key that you should have had emailed to you when you bought the game. If that does not work, email the devs your new steam account name. You bought the game via steam, they probably have record of the key attached to this (cobble) profile.

I’m not making a new steam account

Well this is the issue. If you want seperate Oort games, you need to have seperate steam accounts to your brother.


As @Squidgy says, your Boundless (Oort) sign-in is tied to your Steam account. (The first time you sign-in we link them up, so for subsequent plays we auto sign you in via the Steam account. This also makes sure everyone owns the game. No hacking or stealing, etc.) If you are attempting to play with 2 different users on the same Steam account this isn’t supported. We can unhook the account, so you can switch it over - but it will still be ultimately connected to a single account.


Alright. I’ll try that. But are you sure you just can’t delete Scribble’s account.

The devs don’t have the ability to mess with your steam accounts. But as James said, they can unhook the game from one account (Scribble) so you can attach it to another (Cobble). Then it’s on you to get Scribble’s account deleted from steam if that’s what you want to do…