1150c Coils, Coal and more


Hey there!

I have once again opened my store! I have not yet finished crafting all of the coils and won’t have it all ready for several days. But this is what I am selling as of right now of making this post:

427 x Advanced Workbench Power Coil: 1150 (Hand trade: 1100)
225 x Advanced Refinery Power Coil: 1150 (Hand trade: 1100)
302 x Advanced Extractor Power Coil: 1150 (Hand trade: 1100)
75 x Advanced Compactor Power Coil: 1150 (Hand trade: 1100)

110000 x Hard Coal: 8,5c each.
154000 x Medium Coal: 3,5c each.

10000 x Cobalt Fragment: 3,9c each.
4600 x Olivine Fragment: 4.9c each.
1700 x Saltpetre Fragment: 39.9c each.
3300 x Sulphur Fragment: 1c each.

140000 x Rock Salt: 0,3c each.
12000 x Opal: 1.9c each.

There are also some other junk at quite affordable prices!
How to find me:

Antar VI portal from Ultima Hub

Portal #12 on the far right end - New Springfield

Please let me know if you want to hand trade coils and I will get back to you asap!


How much for everything, out the door?


For all coal, coils, minerals etc? I could go 10-15% off total price.


Going to bed now so can’t do hand trade for the, at least, next 8 - 16 hrs (depends if I can before work).

Edit: Thanks to all who purchased stuff during the night. Have refilled anything that went to the lower end!

Edit: Out of Centraforge Coils, but reduced price of Medium and hard coal!

Edit: Would appreciate if someone with scanned came and ran by. Can’t get it working on my own, even with the help on Simoyd. :frowning:

Edit: Added a bunch of coils and got more coming!