12/6: remodeled. more colors of ornate gleam chests now. Also have various requests baskets for gleam. **Location token to safe exo gleam available** @Corruption In the Gyosha Mall

Corruption Outlet
45 3rd st
Gyosha Mall, Gyosha Ophin

Buying black gleam at 110c. I will also be selling any gleambow blocks I don’t want for 26c. Won’t have much to sell today as I celebrate Thanksgiving and won’t be able to play much today. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Thank you even more if you buy or sell from/to me

70 Silk Cobalt Ornate Gleam Chests now for sale at 199c. Will be adding more colors later

Edit: forgot to mention I have portals from Ultima Eresho and PS Gyosha Ophin


Well had to up my buy price. Hopefully this will now entice you guys to sell to me

Bought some mould off you

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Just added 70 silk cobalt ornate gleam chests for 199c to my shop stands as well. Currently the cheapest on Gyosha Ophin. I do plan to make other colors as well. Probably make some more exo colored ones

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Stocked some new colors of Ornate Gleam Chests.

There’s 60+ of each in stock


Added Azure Ornate gleam chests. Will be adding some perm world colors soon

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If you have any azure and silk cobalt left, I’d gladly take 25 of each off your back if I can reserve them to later today. I’m not home rn.

I’ll check if I still have some in stock. If not I can craft some more of them for you :blush:

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Thank you, Fire. øwø-<3

Sold you the last 48 black gleam :+1:


I have them set aside. The one was sold out but I had more crafting already :sweat_smile: just send me a message when you get on. If you use discord I’d say message me there :blush:.


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I decided I’ll buy another 360 if you care to sell any more. Thought of some more uses. But after the coin is gone from the basket this time I won’t be refilling. Already out of my comfort level :joy:


Sold you 100 more :slight_smile:


Did some more stocking :slight_smile:

My current request baskets

And the portals directly to my shop

Edit: I have a very limited stocking of Black Ornate Gleam Chests(as in only 5 available all I can part with)

I’m also buying Bright Orange Gleam @7c with 140k in the basket.


How much for black chests?
You block pms?

Just checked and they sold already. Also no I didn’t block PMs. You have to manually type in my name since my profile is set to private.

I think those chests sold out pretty fast even at that price. I checked just a couple hours after you posted and they were all gone.

Request basket prices adjusted. 14 request baskets out with at least 20k in each. Black gleam has 300k+ in it.

Safe location tokens to the exo gleam available.

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