14276 free refined rocks


While sorting my stuff today I i have reserved:

7200 cool violet metamorphic
7076 dark berry metamorphic

These stones are for giving to somebody who needs them to build RIGHT NOW.

On your honor, not for minting or stockpiling, thanks.


If you don’t want them I’ll come grab them for some free xp :slight_smile: trying to get all my characters to lv 50

I don’t think I would build with them, but I’d refine and store them until I might need them


Sorry i fatfingered something and posted before I was done. These rocks are already refined.

If you come to me on raxxa right now i can give you a couple thousand random unrefined rocks and stones to process though.


On my way from the PS hub, once I fine where raxxa is


Biitula - Alder -> Raxxa -> Lantern Gardens


Nobody wants to build purple and pink?


I can be on 11:30pm mst (about 3.5 hours from now) I would love to build with purple and pink, colors I dont have yet.


That’s about 11 pm for me I’ll be around.


Have you still got any dark berry you wish to load off onto me pretty please :grimacing:

I’m doing a new build and that will come in very handy



Getting on now :)just buying a bunch from the sunken storage lol