17 hours on Veedle, Wallpaper

@james here is since you asked me so nicely, i tried to get 24 hours but i acidentally moved my mouse after 17 so i had to stop there, its soooo hard to take 24 pictures without messing up the mouse atleast once -.-’

PS: biggest line on left was when it was raining heavily


That’s a pretty interesting image. Thanks for the effort btw.

It does demonstrate that we need to rework the day night cycle (which we’ve always been planning to do.) I’m hoping we can expose the day night cycling alongside the weather (and other world global data) in the world builder so players can control it.

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i like the day night cycle, i think the best time is just around dawn where everything is light blue. looks so nice.

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Two days of gasan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sooo. muuuuch. waaater… i really dislike that world xD

@Zouls real nice picture

and water worlds are boring, only useful if u need many place for a big building XD

i would love if we could make simple ships and then have a huge world with a ton of islands, that would fullfill my dream of being a true adventure. i think that would be truly epic, but that might be something that would come later if they ever add it >.<