2,857 Spooky Seeds Auction

Realized I’ll never use them for crafting, and they’d be better a better use for me as coin.

Start: 75c per. (214,275c)
No Buyout.

Minimum Additional Bid: 5c.

Auction will end 4/19/2019, 7pm EST.

Current highest bid: FireAngelDth, 85c per.

Aaah here we go. 6c!

I think he intends the “Minimum Bid” to be 75c, with no less than 5c increase more for the next bid.

I might be wrong though

From my understanding minimum bid is 214,275c. 75 c for 1 seed. And increase no less than 5c.

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What Nephilim said, exactly.

Yeah i found all the numbers not adding up so i picked the 5 haha. I’ll stick to my 6 :joy::sparkles:


Think I’m doing this right :joy:. So total 85c ea if I understand correctly

Just say the number. :stuck_out_tongue: Like, Red should have said 75, and you said 85. Haha.


Auction actually ending one day after the day that was originally posted due to me not being around at all that day. So it will end on 4/20/2019, 7pm EST.

Just blaze.

100c ten characters fill

I should have figured you’d get in on this. 115c

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17.5 hours left on this auction!

One hour left. Any last bidders? :slight_smile:

120c 10 character fill :stuck_out_tongue:

i won :smiley: ^^

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Dang it. I was at a family party for Easter. Should have just offered what I normally pay.

There will be a new halloween soon enough. Time flies.

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