203 Sound Bug - Thunderstorm?

I love the new sounds for the rains and world stuffs, but during what I assume was a Thunderstorm (which sounded amazing btw) I was chiselling and all my sounds cut out apart from the sound of the Thunderstorm. It lasted about 10 seconds, 2 times within 30 seconds of each other.

I was on Arie, -1330N 919E, indoors above ground, using a stone a stone and gold chisel, facing South <-- all the info I can think of when it happend :slight_smile:


had the same problem while hunting and some of the sound cut out

Thanks for the report - should be fixed in the next patch.


I too had this issue happen a few times tonight. All sounds except the rain and thunder were cut. All was well after the thunder stopped. I was on Delta Cancret.

BTW like your vids @Ovis You think you might have another vid ready soon for the build a settlement series?

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Same thing happening to me when the thunder sound happens. Did it least a half dozen times while I played tonight.

Same for me. Thunder plays, all other sound cuts out. Thunder quiets, all is well again.

Hey thanks @Greenthumb :slight_smile: I just finished recoding an episode of Building a Settlement yesterday, so just gotta edit it today - it’ll be up that evening UK time :slight_smile:

(PS, sorry for the off topic post!)