20k meat for free

These t6 hunts are blowing up my meat storage if you need some meat come to Eldrid school of the gifted portal in ultima mall and get some free meat.

Sounds like i might have to rebuild The Meat Locker!


wow that must have gone fast lol

It’s a problem


I was there didnt see any free on stands?

Do you still have any? I’d love to get some. It will be about half a hour before I can get on, maybe less, so probably all gone already. but thought I would ask

Original post was @Blackmage2015 but … dayem … people want meat??? WTF
Edit: and there was me thinking I’d make my fortune selling my roadrunner feather and both hopper cores!

I need to get my brain to focus! ! ! too much going on. I think I need to go and play and stop making a a double s out of myself LOL

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stick a workbench in floor in front and forget

All the meat has been claimed thank you

I processed all my extra meat in to fresh vital essence so I can craft the new decorative blocks.

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super-enriched for tools and new blocks - purpose meat exists for :sunglasses: