24 Hr Stream of Boundless


Hey guys dropping in to let you know I am doing a 24 hr stream of Boundless. Come say hi hang out and help me get through it. Lets get the word out about Boundless

Thanks All


How many diapers do you have on hand?


0 lmao bathroom very close……. :slight_smile:


Still going in this now 26 hour stream


We are still here lmao omg I want the madness to end


how many hours are you up to?


27 we have to do now


Dis goin’ be gud, we get to watch sleep psychosis in action.


just logged in spitcup is at 28hours and still going strong show some love people


33Hr down 8 and half hours left


wow man I think your braking a record!


Amazingly determined @Spitcup


Thanks everyone who stopped in I made it. The Boundless stream ended up being a 42 long ordeal. I hope we was able to reach out to some new people and maybe they are interested in getting the game. Thanks again


Well done! I hope you have a good 24h sleep now :blush: