3 Simple solutions to 3 bigger problem

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this is just 3 solutions that have been discussed for 3 different problems summed up

  1. Shop Keeping

The talk about how you would make a shop run around it was discussed what to do when you were online, and the answer was a box.

basically allow people to craft a box that have 2 options, buying and selling.

the system in short would be a crafter making a box, he can then put in items and determine the price for them, he can then also put in sell orders on item he need and pick a specific number or set it to infinite. he can put in and withdraw gold (assuming that is the currency) so whenever anybody buys something from you the gold amount increase and when you buy something it will decrease. when there is no more gold people cannot sell stuff to you, you can then pick up the items you bought when you get back to the box.


I have to leave my shop
I place my iron sword in the box for 105 gold coins for sale
I place 10 orders for iron ore in the buying tab for 20 goldcoins per piece.
I place 495 goldcoins in the deposit box.

When i get back home i find that i sold my iron sword which added 105 gold to the box, but some person also came and sold his iron ore so i lost 200 gold coins on that. so now in the box there are 10 iron ore i can take out and 400 gold coins left.

Something that would be great would to be able to reserve items either for a specifc person or a specific guild, so say i craft items that is special for my guild and only them can buy it, or i was asked to craft a sword which he would pick up at a time i was offline, then i could put it in and reserve it for his name, so now only he can pick it up and i dont have to worry somebody else buys is.

Bulletin Board:

i know this have been planned but i think the system is pretty simple, allow people to craft a bulletin board where you can place a note, that everybody can read, maybe limit it to 1 or 2 notes per person over a specific time period to stop spamming. this would be so nice for crafters because then people can place orders while you are offline.

Quest Board:
This is simply a mix of them both, allow a person to craft a personal quest board where he can write a note, ask for x amount of y items, and then have a reward, allow the person to choose how many times it can be completed, so say i give 200 gold for 15 brick blocks and i might need 30 so i can put the quest to be x2 and they would just be stacked. this way i dont get 240000 bricks and i will be absolutely ruined when i get back. the note system for the reason and maybe small RP reasons. would be a nice way of doing quests

@james this is the easiest i can boil down the 3 systems that people have asked for, what are your thoughts?


I like this…
Please add this to the game and we will not need any NPC shops :smiley:

I like these ideas a lot. My husband suggested that each “note” on the board has tokens with it, one for each time the quest can be completed for the player. These would be given a timer, based on how long the quest-giver doesn’t mind waiting for the quest to be completed.

Using your example of 2 quests, each asking for 15 bricks, we would see that note having 2 tokens. Two players could each take a token, essentially claiming they are doing the quest, or one person could take both if the quest-giver doesn’t mind. If the giver decides he wants it done by the end of the day, the tokens have a timer on them. If they are not turned back into the quest-giver, via the board or in person, the tokens despawn from the players that took them. They are then put back on the board for someone else to try.

The point is to keep people from all attempting to gather for the same quest, without knowing whether or not someone else did it, and to also keep people from clearing boards of tokens. Sure, they can say they plan to do all the quests, but the tokens will start going back to the board if they do not get them done in a reasonable amount of time.

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i think thats a great idea with having timer tokens for the quests, but that would also be easily griefed, if i put up a quest for 24 hours a person can just take all of the tokens and nobody else can deliver the mats even though he has no intention to do so, maybe set a timer and claim them the second they go back to the table (some people would do that) also not having it would mean that you could just drop off the mats if you have them.

but if you could make the token count kills… that would be insanely cool, say i configure it to ‘‘kill 15 pigs’’ and when he is done he can deliver it. that would be quite hard i imagine though, although insanely cool.

This could also fit with having a max number of quests at a time, only being able to have a certain number of tokens.

do you think there should be a max on the amount of quests you could have? you might need different things, and i can also imagine doing it so people have something to do, even if i have nothing to gain from the quest.

but that might be something to consider if there should be some sort of limitations.

I think alexanderyou has a good idea with limiting the number of tokens a person can carry. We’ve seen that the Devs have come up with a token system for various purposes. What if we had a Quest Token area that could hold up to three quest tokens. I’m sure this number would be adjusted to what seems reasonable, but this is just for example purposes. This means players could only grief so hard. If they drop a token to try and take another, that unfinished quest token would go back to the board, as long as that player still had the note up.

I don’t think you’d need to limit the number of items you’re going to buy. instead, just have the limit be how much gold you’ve put in your trading machine. when it runs out of gold, it stops buying.

Well by any means of logic you would need a limit, imagine you need 50 iron ore, 60 mithril ore and 3 titan scales, when you come back you have 500 iron ore and all your money is gone… that would not be good xD

That’s not thinking like an entrepreneur! You gotta take that 500 iron and turn it into quality gear, sell it at a profit to noobs and then buy that mithril and scales. Now you’ve got your materials and a fat stack of easy money in your pocket :wink:

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I’d still like to have NPC’s with custom messages as shopkeeper’s cause this would fill places like towns. Also the wole NPC System might be one of the main things I’d like to see ingame. Maybe there should also be a report NPC option, so if lets say 20 People reported him he’ll get deleted, if someone places NPS’ wich only spamming. OR you should ONLY be abel to place them in your own beacons.

Also you could create custom Quests this way. in the following thread you can see my idea of the NPC System. This way you could make fully Adventures, like an dungeon crawler or… what do I know ^^
Let’s first see what mechanics will be implemented. ^^

More 'bout my NPC Idea:

I just remembered this, we have gotten the shop blocks confirmed, i know that @ben promised a long time ago that they would add bulletin board, then there is just the quest part left, i absolutely love @Nissalee’s suggestion with adding tokens, it would be an amazing way to make quests into the game and a great way to please the RP part of the community @james @lucadeltodecso would it be possible to make quest tokens like that which can track kills for example?

I never promised a bulletin board :wink: but it’s a cool idea. We’ll have some form of signs though.

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I will bet you on that, you did it back on the old forum, however i can’t access it, give me a way to access it and i will find it for you. i know, cause i asked multiple times before you bend under so i remember

The best i can do without it is a steampost i made 11 months ago

and you know i wouldnt say ‘‘they promised’’ unless i was absolutely certain you did.

It would be a damn shame if they werent there since i suspect it would help shop keepers a lot if they had a board where people could submit requests, however while it would be a shame that isnt what bothers me, what bothers me is that i know im right and you took down the old forum so i cant prove it -.-’