30kc for 18k soil! (open to negotiation)


If someone can bring me 6k dark cobalt peaty soil (Boori) and 12k dark rose silty soil (Lutrion) I will pay them 25kc.

Any takers?

I’m on Alcyon.


Lol if it wasn’t a specific color I would drop by ^^
But don’t have that color^^ (both):wink:


They are on low level planets, easy to get to!


I know but have tons of peaty from terra forming. In storage. But all a dark green color.
If it was i just had to go to storage pick it up and drop by😄

But alas not the right color.

And don’t have the time to collect😩

Hopefully someone will contact you soon :wink:


Lol, yeah I got tons of soil in storage as well.

Typically, I want a colour that I don’t have!

So I’m happy to pay someone to go get it, if anyone would like to trade their time for coin.


No takers, so upped the offer to 30kc


I will do it for 36k if that works for you?

TNT Brucebanner

Also do you have some cords for these on the given planets?


Not online currently, but between my Lutrion Landscaping shop (next to PS hub on Lutrion), Boori Landscaping shop (portal at Boori PS hub) and my soil stalls at Sydney Market you can probably pick these up from shop stands.