31 days

26 days since hope of breath of new life coming to this game in whatever form that may be. @james can we get the exciting news please.


Soon :tm: :---------D


You are actually counting :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I wonder what James’ notification count is on a daily basis. I hope he includes this in information in some form or fashion

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My guess on this topic …
… I think you all have to wait for the coming :boundless: Boundless Birthday :boundless: :innocent:


I guess it’s another 2 years


I doubt that anything major will be announced anyway. Reading between the lines of the original announcement it appears to me that what being said is “we are excited to self publish now and are in the process of making plans what to do with the franchise in the near future”. But also which is rather good and exciting news imo it reads that they have not given up on it yet.
Who knows what happens maybe it gets sold, maybe it gets one or two developers working on it again or an investor etc.
We ll see, but I wont be disappointed if it is radio silence for quite some time, since these things can take a lot of time.


There is no news. Square Enix had had enough, as evidenced by the employee who posted here about their frustrations with Wonderstruck and left the sinking ship. James rushed onto the forums to appease what is left of the player base and try to spin it as a positive development. We’re now self-published! Hurrah! Put in some nebulous talk of good news one day. Voila. There was rejoicing in the forums. Job done.


Another B-day anniversary is coming up for boundless…thats new going to be new news :stuck_out_tongue:


In current development:


  • Melee weapons and shields
  • Random Ruins with Loot
  • guardians
  • Protectors
  • Titans
  • Diaper Covers aka Pants
  • Craftable armor

But first, to be released before any of those will be paintable plants in 256+ different colors, tier 8 with the same mobs only 25% larger, 50% stronger, and shinier!

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Lol, well I would not hold my breath concerning any news at all is all I am saying :3

This would actually be good news to me then, in light of my fears - good in that things just stay status quo and the servers keep going indefinitely. My big fear is still that the news is going to consist of the following: that they still have plans to add stuff and they’ll open it a lot more to user-generated content on PC… BUT, that the public servers will be going offline, that we can pay to host our own or (and probably the only option for PS players) have offline worlds.

I don’t think his wording “continue to maintain the game as they always have” necessarily means covering server costs, especially as that cost wasn’t on them all along, just means fixing problems and all. And doing this could totally explain the long delay with the update, it probably would be complicated getting it so people can migrate their creations to other servers or offline. I hope it isn’t the case but when I look at the overall picture it just strikes me as the most likely outcome here. So on thinking of it, if we keep chugging along here for the rest of the year without the update, I might count that as a W in that I’m getting to play as usual all that time, as if the game goes to private hosting and offline only, it’s the end to me.


i do not give a F*** about any updates or the activity of the devs to be honest, the game works for me.
I enjoy myself with or without, of course, a new update with content would be nice and a good thing for the game, meanwhile I just play, enjoy myself and see what will happen.
at least i support the game in good and bad i think many can learn from that…


You just couldn’t wait two more days… could you? :rofl:



I did actually learn maybe I will just let my Sov Expire and not give anyone more footfall.

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just ‘‘maybe’’ :stuck_out_tongue:

‘‘maybe’’ james will reply today


You guys are giving yourselves whiplash. 6 vague words brought on a ridiculous rejuvenation and hype train. Then not even a month later we’re back to doom. You guys okay?


RIght :slight_smile: I mean, I just groaned when I saw the subject line. I wish he hadn’t even said the part aboute more news ocming…has he learned nothing, lol?! It’s like a certain person I won’t mention (non-Boundless) where all news was coming ‘in two weeks’ but never did. I no longer even process those kind of sentances anymore ;)))

Did I miss somthing?
I dont see any posts from frustrated employees, was it deleted? Or was It posted ages ago?


Yeah gonna need a source on that. I check the forums multiple times per day and have never seen this. I think you’re doom and glooming for your own appeasement.