40k + iron bars for sale 5c/ea

Currently selling 40k+ iron bars on Seg. Closest portals are the exodus portals from TNT and PS. Unfortunately, I haven’t set up a direct portal yet, but I may do that if I continue selling stuff in the future.

I will buy 40,000 of them. Will you be around later today for a hand-trade?

If you’re curious, I’m doing my build out of a TON of Machined and Refined Iron and I need all I can get.

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I’ll be on around 8ish Eastern tonight. Busy work day unfortunately. Hoping to be able to grab lunch soon.

Edit: if you don’t want to wait that long I should have 40kish still in my shop stands if nobody grabbed them already. Portal is right inside the PS hub portal on seg to exodus. Labeled Peyago.

Sorry couldn’t get on yesterday. Will hop on today. You able to do a hand trade later on?

Sorry, I won’t be able to be online much over the next few days. Between work and college I am getting crushed this week.