48 hour Brick Sale. All Bricks 10c Deco 8c **Hand Trade on Marble & Mosaic etc 130c**


Due to my continued excessive brick making obsession and New Leydens reputation for exceptional value and crazy sales I am running a sale from 6pm GMT today until 6pm Sunday .

I am also buying bulk- pretty much every coin i make from the sale- iron, copper and some gold/silver.

Both bulk and machined are wanted. The baskets are on my stall with 300k in them…and more to be added. Prices to be posted when I log on and remember what i set them at. Both copper and iron are 6c+

The stall is Located in the centre of the Market and can be easil reached from Ultima Hub portal, Gellis Prime and My Portal in Moonies, among others.

Check out my/aeneas previous post for picture directions(on a train atm).

Official New Leyden Market and New Leyden Mega Thread

Sooo, kinda wondering, 1 day or 3 days?


Bleh. Tired. Updated


bought a few stacks of bricks, cheers!


Thanks very much :slight_smile: