4k TV old pc

hey yesterday my tv died so whent to the store and got
fancy new 4k tv but my oopsie is that my pc so old lol
|Processor|Intel® Core™ i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.30 GHz|
RAM-geheugen|6,00 GB|
|Type systeem|64-bits besturingssysteem, x64-processor|

i prob need to look into a new pc
but is there something i can do in the meantime cause at moment
i have to set screen to 30procent to make it a little bit playable

also i just only play this game when i got time for rest i use it for normall stuff whats like a cheap pc for me that runs bound good and can handle a 4k tv lol
our can i just swap to another grahp card

EDIT got an idea the tv came with an adapter with like vga kable gonna try hooking up to that hahaha you never know

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You can turn down the game resolution. I have a very large screen at a desk so besides the fact that this PC can’t fullscreen boundless at 4k, I’m never maximized anyways.

This screen is less than 40 inches away and that boundless window is nearly 1080p.

Actually I adjusted it

You ccan also fullscreen and adjust to use your entire screen at the 1080p you’ve probably been using. Note the image size vs. game resolution here. This makes it the TVs problem.

The TV will be fine :rofl:

EDIT: Found a tape measure and yeah my normal viewing distance is about 38 - 44 inches from a 55 inch screen. If you got a desktop 4k the point about just using less screen might not be helpful :thinking:

At this distance it’s actually difficult to watch a movie or do much at full screen just because it pushes so much off into your peripheral vision. It gets distracting.

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i looked at back tv a,nd saw i have 2times a 4K hdmi and one thats diferent so i switched to that one
and set graphics to low and the screen to 1080
its playable now and game doesnt look like its made in the 90,s lol

just question i was also having on screen a message saying bad connection is this message connected to my graph settings issue our a different beast that just also came to mess with me

and another question if i get a more recent pc it will get better wright our do i need like a 4K super pc thingy lol

i tend to buy stuff second hand hence asking

This is probably the graphics TBH. Without trying to find a ton of links, the ping time / bad connection messages on boundless are based on what they refer to as “effective ping time” or something similar and so it is definitely the combined effect of your complete system, not just your connection.

Struggling to render will cause it to queue data and boundless will see this as a “bad connection”.

This is for the most part about your graphic subsystem. In other words, if yo uhave a normal desktop PC, a graphics card upgrade will fix it without changing (much) else about your PC performance.

I say “much” because if you’ve been pushing your PC to render video or other things, performance in those areas might improve as well.

If you were fine before, this is just about your PC trying to render at 4k and the graphics card will handle it 100%.

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ok think ill be on the market for a second hand gaming pc
how old can i go lol 2years 4years
any sugestion on what im looking for

my current graphic card is the size off a credit card so prob the issue llol

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It’s not really an age thing, 4k has been around a while they’re pushing 8k now at the fringe.

You just need to make sure what you get is comfortable rendering in 4k. Not streaming, rendering. They can add codec chips for streaming common video formats that make it very easy on the main graphics system.

Another edit: I recently upgraded so got more RAM in system, but my graphics are sharing it:

Your PC is already much more powerful than mine. Graphics maybe, maybe not (in the chip) but with shared RAM unless you have less than 2GB RAM on your video card it’s probably better also.

I can render 4k, I do it for screen shots, but it’s sometimes more like “seconds per frame” than FPS.

I have a 5ish year old gaming laptop that runs the game fine in 4k on epic graphics levels on a 36 inch 4k monitor. I don’t think it is the age, per say, but the hardware. Mine was a pretty good laptop when I bought it 5 years ago. The graphics card and the RAM are probably the most important. I’ve got an NVIDIA GTX 1070 and 16 GB RAM.


would this do the trick and keep me good for a few years?
can get that one for 300 euro

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Sounds like more than enough!

For comparison to this from @CleoStJames :thinking:


Cleo that’s plush. @the-moebius if you read the comparison note the framerates on the 750 TI card:

Probably more than boundless needs with that 750TI.

Wow to me that sounds very nice. Last time I went looking for something like that around here I couldn’t find comparable for much less than USD500 without worrying about the usage/condition.

finding other ones for 400/450 but its more lights then stuff core i5 with 8G (prob overpayed stock gaming pc’s)in them
this one looks like run off the mill buisiness pc butt the dude upgraded it to sell our something seems legit and its like 20 minute drive
EDIT all the blinky ones also say “can play fortnite” lolz

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Mine is probably older, since I bought it in 2008.

Yep lots of this here too right now.

Sounds like you’re ready if it’s in good shape pull the trigger. :+1:

If necessary go shop for some brand new gaming systems with I7, 16gb, etc…

Sorry about the scribbles but it looks like it matters a lot which I7 as they’ve been making them a while. If Boundless is really a primary issue any of them should be fine though.and looking at these and more prices yeah 300 euro for a nice used system of this spec looks like a deal.

Nothing really available locally I live in a smallish town.

theres a store nearby that sells sorta like a goodwill (goverment run) its all pc from belgium goverment (renew every year) they allready having corei7 with ssd’s and lots off ram for like under 200euro’s but im always to late theres always a dude eyeballing them to ship em out to africa once the put them in the stores
EDIT funny thing is i know him i sell sewingmachine to him he even takes the old ones i find they love em over there

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Heh. Just straight up ask him to leave you one (or grab you one!) next time.

nah they dont have graphic cards this 300 euro deal seems legit
instead off bragging that its a christmas tree that plays fortnite
the dude saying he wont go lower since he put so much in it
graphic card plus ssd and the ram makes it good deal
if i look at those new pc you showed yikes lol better go get it lol
ill tape a torchlight to it lol

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Oh man you’re saving enough to do your whole office/living room!

Seriously those amazon refurbs might be a little pricey, like buying a used car but from a dealer. Still if that PC is in good shape it sounds like a good deal.

EDIT: Wow for that price I thought I might buy a party laser too :clown_face:

Something fishy about the deal, though

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it comes in this case
perfect for me then my misses wont ask whats that discoball doing in our livingroom lolz
allready had to negotiate for the huge flatscreen :grin:


i solved the problem
now excuse have to go look into the distance
and check out how tree’s and the game suposed to look :joy:

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