(5 weeks 4 free) portals 4 everyone @ rainbow hub portal network

you need a portal?

if u open a portal to my hubs, you get 900 oort shards 4 free (5 weeks portal fuel)

its not finish, i need a few weeks to build this.

pls reserve your portal here.

i need only a info:

the world your living on is called…? (only if youre interest in this offer )

( to get a overview about invested money and hub size)




Maybe a planet name could help… :slight_smile:


Its Dzassak :wink:
Maybe other locations to as he has to build this.

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only planet name that could help is that planet where u live, where my mein hub is, doesnt interest anybody at time… its not a usefull info 4 u :slight_smile:

can’t tell if you are joking or not but that still makes me chuckle

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Why not… boori

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Ten Characters

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Lasag… Lasig … That damn Aussie planet.


Sochaltin I

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I don’t see how this info isn’t useful. The deal is for people to open a portal to your hub and you’ll give them 900 oortshards. It’s a little important where your hub is so they know whether they’re going to be able to make a cheap 1x2 portal or a massive expensive 6x4 portal in order to reach your hub.


As he said it’s 5 weeks portal fuel I figured he must have hubs on loads of planets and all the different servers so no matter what planet you’re on you’ll only need a 1x2 portal.

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Ohhhh, I’m guessing he’s trying to make a portal network, not just a hub then. That makes a bit more sense.

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I live on Sochaltin I as well. I could try this out.

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I suppose so … but it might only be around for 5 weeks :neutral_face:

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Definitely very true. A little hard to compete with places like TNT or Portal Seekers. I’ll connect to him for that time to see how it works out and if it seems to do well, I’ll stay connected.

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That’s what I was thinking too, I already maintain four 1x2 portals that get me close to a PS hub so it would need to be pretty well connected to make it worth my while to maintain another.

dont worry ive got enough oort to keep it running 4 a year


oh yeah, theres a differnt… changed thread title thx


Network or Low tier Network @Marcello666 -chan

all :slight_smile: @BabyCookie

i know… houchus, right? :slight_smile:

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