A bag of rice


Does it really need to be though? It’s not like we are required to craft a bowl for some of the best food in the game. I have seeds for days, really hoping farming the firbrous lead isn’t going to be as bad as im expecting xD


OHhh my Child i’m here to teach you the wonderful secret of “Bog Snorkeling”, Ahhhhhhhhh.

If you want Real Amounts of Fibrious, go to a Home World, search for a Swamp like this one:

Skill Axe Mastery to 4 and Luck to Max, buy an Diamond Axe and Bufffodd with the “Persisting” Buff.
Now eat up the Food and Gather the Whoooole Batch of Lush Foilage.

Dexterity and Power are helpful aswell and if you are getting tired all the Time change the Food to “Energising”

Thank me Later :wink:


I’m on Elapor ATM if I did that here I’d probably get an insane amount since it’s a tier 2 world xD


No, thats the Crazy Part about it… Fibrious will drop less and Rare Berries start to Drop :wink:

Homeworld is Key :wink: