A boundless universe wipe. Worried too?

I started playing Boundless about 2 days after the ps4 release. Since then i’ve had the same ups and downs as everyone else it seems.

Trolls. Rude people. Griefing plotters. You name it.

Had at least 3 citys destroyed by trolls builds.

Now that i have found a small corner of a planet that seems safe from the afore mentioned issues…

Gotta wonder about all these “They’re just gonna havta reset the universe eventually and back to start we’ll go”.

Is this an actual possibility? I have lived through the updates, glitches, trolls, laaagggggg (ps4), and even the RIDICULOUSLY small player base.

And i still LOVE Boundless. Trully my favorite game of all time next to some Dark Souls.

But with all that said, if my progress gets wiped.
I can’t keep playing it. Why should i sink thousands of hours into a game. The money for extra plots to Support the game even!
And have em all ripped away…

Is boundless gonna be yet ANOTHER great game that was mismanaged. Released too early. Continuing to lose players and just generally too much effort to play?

Its a GAME. If my IRL job is easier than keeping a freakin game playable, i gotta stop and think why i even play it. And currently. Other than the 3? People ive met in game that were decent to me and building stuffs. I cant see a reason on the horizon when i could lose everything because of a world wipe that according to what i’ve read, its happened before.


Don’t think a boundless universe wipe can occur atm. If it’s a code issue and this happen pretty sure they have backups of the universe under a reasonable timeline.

So i don’t think you have to worry about this.


I don’t think a wipe is going to happen in the near or even distant future. The devs have openly stated that as of launch there would be no more wipes. Can’t remember the exact quote, but the jist was that they wanted to learn and grow with this new 'verse.


I am not sure where this is coming from or who suggested this to you, but I am almost 100% sure there will be no wipes of any kind.


The world was indeed wiped once right before release - that was announced years in advance and done to provide a clean slate with all the release balancing and tuning. It will never happen again.

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Well I appreciate the confidence boost seriously yall.

If its was warned about previously and there isnt any substance to the rumors.

Thats enough to make me happy (:slight_smile:

The rumors are outright lies. Boundless is designed to be a persistent universe, and will not be wiped.


me to :smile: hope to stumble on ya home someday :smile:

In reality they really did not do a wipe. The planets that were in the alpha release are offline but they are archived. All the planets in the release that we currently enjoy now are new planets and a much expanded universe

there was a wipe because everyone started at lvl 0.


Yeah and in nothing but a diaper no less


yeah i used to be clothed olmost forgot we had like armour stuff on

I feel one of the biggest mistakes in the game was not having enough wipes in EA… because we didn’t start over enough, the developers didn’t have enough time and experience seeing how people would “progress” and what problems would arise from it. They probably would have caught the stone XP stuff, bomb mining, and other things way before people used them so much. Plus it would give them a wonderful change to balance the game and planets better so we would have a more awesome game play experience…

I’ve had some conversations with players but never with a dev about a wipe probably being needed at some point. Personally I feel the universe will get very stale with the same 48 planets and cities sitting there as well as likely the same power block players that own all the hot shops or hubs or center of the universe… Yeah some people will come and go but in EA after 3 years on the same planets the game proved to be very very stale with the same old players. I think for the health of the game we need to consider what the game looks like in 2-3 years and not be scared of a wipe.

I have played on the testing universe a lot and certainly wish we had planets like that and more revisions to the worlds we have… The first half of our planets in this universe were rushed… the original ones are not as good as later ones… Exo worlds will help a little with injecting variety into the game but not really provide any fresh content for people to “live on.” So personally I would enjoy a wipe because I enjoy newness and creating things from scratch… plus I think people should be interested in how the game would be played starting over and the new decisions and dynamics that would come from it… but I can understand how some people hate that.

Even with that view point, as others have stated there are no plans for a wipe baring any technical issue.

I have had conversations, though, with devs about the need for a blueprint system so people “can move” in an easier fashion. That type of solution would help ease some burden in a wipe… plus I think if a wipe was ever to be considered we should look at ways to lessen the player impact with things like maybe be able to save your blocks or a set amount of stuff or something… I would probably promote that first before I ever considered push the narrative that a wipe would be good for the game.

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