A crazy idea


Hey guys,

I’m not sure if something to this effect has been suggested before. It would be awesome if we had a way to check in on our boundless things from our phones.

Before anyone gets angry, let me explain.

My ideas are limited to:

It would be nice to be able to compare progress and builds of your character skills/levels to people. This mirrors “armory” in wow, or all kinds of MMOs let you see this data from their main website.

Being able to checkup on your beacons, edit permissions, and collect foot fall would be awesome from a phone app. For instance, if someone were to tell me that someone with permissions on my beacon (I’m thinking more if my beacon has guild permissions on here) was doing something unexpected (like changing all my signs to nonsense words, or tearing down stuff or something) that I could edit those permissions even if I am not home.

View planet names, and semi-live values of resource density, current prestige leaders, etc.

The ability to view the Knowledge tab on the go, helpful for if you say are discussing ideas and plans for a build over a lunch or something.

Maybe access to the exchange, but this is low on my list.

Yes I know some 3rd party sites allow some of these things already. I don’t want to put too much extra work on the Devs. These are convinces that other MMOs have offered before, that I feel could add to the experience of Boundless.

Just an idea, and a wish.


I have a crazy idea too!!

… give me pants!!!


I don’t like this at all. If there is any web interface or other external non game client access it should be READ ONLY. being able to edit data remotely just sounds like an bad idea on all accounts for the very little if any benefit it may or may not provide .

I also have a crazy idea as well.

. >> STOP << playing that █████ ███ game and play boundless again.


Seriously. Anvil died when Aridhol left. Anvil had the potential to be one of the best cities.


This hasn’t detracted or caused damage to other games that have used it. I’m confused why you feel that it is no or little value added with some level of risk? Based on your reply.


Which other games are you refering to?


Lol - I haven’t been playing Atlas at all either, haven’t had much time for games at all… a tiny bit of Anthem, and I got Crowfall the other day but haven’t played it yet.

I am sad that Anvil is mostly a ghost town now. I will keep my plots going and I continue holding out hope for something to come along in Boundless to rekindle my interest.

Some combat improvements, endgame, pants, etc would be the things I’m looking for, but I have said that enough and don’t wanna beat a dead horse…

I do think Boundless will get there, someday? At least, I do still hope


This was done in both WoW and in Runescape, off the top of my head.


It is no longer done in WoW. most likely because it was not the best thing for the game, even thou it was in it for so long. If people want to interact with something in the game, then they should log in to the game.

Also creating a system like this exposes attack surfaces that are unneeded for this company to have to also have to try to deal with. It also creates the ability to create bots and automate things that shouldn’t as it is a lot easier for a bot to go undetected via a web GUI then an in game client.


It is no longer done in wow because the feature was not popular enough for them to spend the resources to keep it up to date. That is what blizzard told everyone when they shut down the service last summer


We already have pants it what the British call underwear…lol


I would like to draw everyones attention to the line that states

„for transparency the majority were just exploits

So while yes you are correct in saying part of the reason was because it was not popular enough, as you can see here, as I said, this created problems and was not the best thing for the game. Unless you want to try to convince me that „exploits“ are a good thing.

So I will repeat.

If blizzard had the problems, do you really think Wonderstuck needs this level of problems to also potentially deal with? They have far far far to much to handle as is for the foreseeable future, then to also need expose more ways for players to maybe abuse the game and create even more work for the devs.

Exploits, It speaks for its self. no further explanation needed.


This is fun. I like your crazy idea. I have another one. Why stop at checking in on your things in mobile and actually make a boundless crafting mini-game where you have unlimited access to all blocks and build and chisel your creations on pseudo-small planet versions within small public/private servers.


Fine, due to the system currently in place with out being able to change things remotely I had things “stolen” from a shop stand due to some weird permissions to allow guild to get foot fall. It gave members of said guild the ability to just take things from a shopstand. it was brought to my attention by the guild leadership and the items were already returned. so I don’t have an issue with any of the players involved, but I was unable to correct the issue for 9 hours after being told due to me being at work. I was lucky that this vulnerability was not exploited and the group who had access were honest, but I am sure that others might not be so lucky.

The suggestion was trying to find a solution to alter permissions while away from a computer in an event such as this one or another like it. WoW still has an app that you do mission table rewards which do effect your character so while they no longer have the auction house they do still have an app. I also reiterate that Runescape used this system as well and while it is no longer used (but their game is now on phones as well as PC so you can already do this remotely another way). The reason they stated was as follows:

I don’t disagree that it would be a difficult thing to put into place, and could need a fair amount of work to get in place. But just because something is difficult does not mean it is wrong.

I was offering a solution to a complex problem I encountered while playing, my work around is simply not granting the guild the foot fall anymore, which is a nuisance. I don’t wish to argue more, just wanted to point these things out.


I am all for mini games, maybe like a mini world like a special atlas or something could be your pseudo-small planets.


As you wish, Goodnight.