A Little Too Much Anticipation

My introduction to online gaming, many moons ago, was a MUD called ‘Legends of Future Past’. The kind community, even certain individuals, still live vividly in my memory. I then discovered The Realm and Meridian 59… and ultimately EverQuest. I spent years and years playing games online, but ultimately decided to pull myself away from the computer and find my roots… and I am now an outdoor educator and backpacking guide in the Sierra Nevada mountains here in California.

After leaving EverQuest our guild, a group of friends that I have been gaming with for nearly two decades now, moved to Dark Age of Camelot. We also toyed with Shadowbane… a game that had a vast amount of open country. I loved that portion of the game, just exploring and finding new areas that I could discover. The feeling of being the first to see the place.

Not since those days of gaming (even going back to Pools of Radiance and Pools of Darkness) have I so anticipated a game like I do Oort. As the days pass, and as I quietly watch the forums and the updates, I have to insinuate some level of cynicism into my thoughts… in expectation that I may get my hopes far too high and find myself, once again, hoping to find a game that brings me as much joy as those early games many years ago.

Regardless, I wanted to introduce myself to the community, to stop skulking around, so to speak, and to thank the Devs for their hard work and passion… and the community for supporting them and their game. If a close group of founders are considering gathering a group of friends together to begin a community on opening day, please let me know. I intend on spending quite a bit of time in Oort, and hope to make as many friends here as I have in games past.

Thanks for reading!


Welcome Sverchekovich! Thanks for coming out of the shadows :wink:


Nice. hope you will participate in the discussions, i think it would be good to get a bit older edge on the arguments, cause i can honestly say i never really played those games you mentioned, a tad too young. but never the less, welcome to the forums and hope you will chime in with ideas so atleast some of your wishes for the game might come true :smile:


I can totally and personally relate to it. For example, I spent years looking for a better WoW and spent untold dollars trying different games. In the end, I found out that there is no such thing as a better WoW and I just have to accept it. Alas, I am far too tired of WoW to play it anymore, so what needed to happen was to show myself that finding a better WoW was stupid. Here is the final result of years of misspent time and money…

Games are supposed to be fun “to me”. So the real trick was figuring out what makes a game fun for me, and in fact the definition of fun also depends on my mood. Rather than trying to find one game that does everything, I look for games to fill the niches,

So I have a few go-to games now. Oort is very special to me. It is fun, not too combative and super creative. Also, i like playing with other people, even if not directly.

I think Oort can win out in the genre if it does not try to be another MC, MMO or Sandbox. The only thing Oort needs to be is fun to play and somewhat whimsical.

I think whimsical is important because kids should be able to play it. Kids generate far more capital than adults do. And the more capital Oort generates, the more and better the features it can bring to table. Oort just needs to be Oort.


Continuing the discussion from A Little Too Much Anticipation:

I am definitely a little older than your average player, and have seen enough games come and go, and played enough of them for the right and the wrong reasons, that I do feel like I have a pretty cool perspective on games and design. Thanks for the warm welcome. I’ve enjoyed following your posts over the last few months,.

I very much agree, Tahru. Well said. I played WoW, and though I enjoyed it to a degree, I felt like it fell short in many ways… and was barely evolutionary, and not the least bit revolutionary.

Oort draws me for many of the reasons you mentioned - the exploration, the sandbox, the whimsy, it’s creativity and beauty, the fact that it has aspects of both individual survival and exploration and group cooperation. Open world games tend to always interest me, but there is so much more that Oort will potentially offer that it may very likely be a game, if it lives up to it’s promise and vision, that I will play for a very long time. I’ve been playing EVE Online since beta, and am still somewhat active… and that is well over a decade now.

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Nice to see another EvE Online player here, someone who understands me when i talk about harsh and unforgiving gameplay :smile:.


I too am on the 40 something gamer list! the game that made me a gamer was Kings Quest…way back in the 80s RPG and adventure have always been my favorite. Baldur’s Gate, D&D,Populous the Beginning, Age of Empires, Ultima Online, all the old greats made me the gamer i am today! I am always looking for a fun, whimsical, visually stunning game and Oort is certainly filling the bill…and from what I see of the plans, will be even better moving forward!!