A living world (animals)

So i recently found a video for a new game that is getting kickstarted called ‘‘Eco’’

Looks quite neat, after watching it i would like to suggest something along the lines, however it will be a very simple version of it since eco is a game made all around it.

So basically what i noticed is that in our creature review they labeled the creature ‘‘Herbivore’’ which in term must mean that some creatures will be considered ‘‘Carnivore’’ (not confirmed)

If this is the case i think there are 2 meanings to the term, the simple one is simply, herbivore = docile, carnivore = agressive, however the more interesting one would be herbivore = eats grass and carnivore = hunts other creatures, which is suggestion i would like to make:

Would it be possible to make the animals feel like animals rather than just enemies, in simple terms this would involve a few things

  1. the animals move around, thing that bothers me in many games, how all the animals are just stationary as they weight to be slaughtered

  2. they move in logical herds or flocks, meaning that if you make for example wolf type creature they would move around in a small pack and some of the herbivores might move more of them together

  3. logical reaction to players, some would be vary when players get close, some would start running and some will just attack the players instantly, this would be really cool to tie together with this discussion


What are peoples thoughts on this? and what are the developers thoughts in term of how likely it would be to make something like this :smile:


Wow, that sounds absolutely like a griefers paradise. It would take so little to deliberately throw off the balance of an entire world!
As for your question, I’d love it if stalker types would occasionally try to hunt and drag off some of your tamed livestock creatures.


Thats why you can make laws that physically restrain peoples actions, AKA ‘‘you must not kill rabbits’’ = you CANT kill rabbits, no matter how much you try.

but yes, it really is, but thats the point, to show how little have to be done to mess it up or just how much destruction one person can do to the enviroment

which is again why i only mentioned the animal parts of it, would be so nice to see animals that actually move around, hunt, sleep, etc. even better would be IF they could reproduce (which was actually discussed in a point about taming, how to get a tamed animal you need to capture a cub and bring it up) however i suspect that part will be quite tricky to make.

Ah i ran across that game in februrary looks really cool :slight_smile:

I saw that game also. It was a cool idea, but there is a lot of potentially boring things too learn. And it seemed like it was exceptionally prone to grief, including the unintended type.

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again. the point, its literally a game made to show how much we affect our eco system, however that is not the point of the discussion :smile:

Didn’t they already say something like, that the animals will move around?
But yes, I’d love to have animals instead of just mobs. It would also help with the immersion.

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Dunno, cant remember seeing that anywhere.

Ah, okay. Your suggestions in the spawning discussion thread make so much more sense now that I’ve read this topic. :slight_smile: This would be a really cool way of doing things, just totally different than what I was thinking.

This would be so cool for animals to have actual patterns and cycles because in Minecraft they all just stood there and then bent down every now and then to make a grass block into a dirt block. If they had actual patterns it could make hunting a lot more interesting, like learning the patterns of the animals to know where they might be and what they might be doing and when they would be most vulnerable.

I also saw Eco on Kickstarter and thought it was an interesting idea to raise awareness on the harm we are doing to our environment and it would be cool to bring ideas over from their game in terms of animals.