A marking weapon?

What do you think about a ranged weapon that marks targets you hit (for a while, not permanent) that you can see them on your radar if not more then 100 blocks away? If creatures don’t get agroed when hit by it even better. On this way you can track prey if it tries to flee, avoid strong creatures when trying to sneak past or use it in pvp to keep on your target.

Of cause it should use expansive ammo if also available for pvp :wink:


I don’t know how this could be explained lore-wise, but it sounds like a cool idea.

This sounds very cool, but when it comes to higher ranking players/ more skilled players that you may just want to avoid to go about your business, this would be very very annoying.

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jepp, but for that there should be a timer … may be 5 mins for creatures and one for players marked?

It’s a lost technology. May be once upon a time, a few years after this moment, somebody will research it… :grinning:

You mean like Minecraft will introduce it in the new 1.9 patch?

Still a good idea though.

What I personally would like more to see is a weapon/tool that marks enemys/areas for your group to make coordination / focus targeting easier. WoW did a great job there :

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No the MC arrows are something completely different. They’re more like an x-ray.

I assume birne means something like the paintballs in monsterhunter. Which I’d love to have. It helps so much for the more agile titans. (And I hope there will be some agile ones.)

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Wow’s zone markers would be nice, but unless the Oort mobs are strong enough and in packs, a unit marker would not be needed. And I think Mc’s 1.9 tracer arrows are exactly what he meant. Would be very cool for tracking fleeing targets.

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jepp, a projectile that marks when hit :wink: … but to make it usable like the marking in WoW other people in the party could also be able to see the marks and you could be able to make some different arrows for different mark colors … but please don’t add a glowing arrow over the heads of the marked ones … that would look quite dump ^^ … how’s about the arrow sticking into the target blinking? ^^

But to just mark something and to see it through walls is something really different.

Therefore I’m against MC x-ray marking. But all for tracking like MH does it.

And as Birne said, please no hovering symbols over anything. (Unless you can explain why it’s there from the game perspective.)

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I thought about marking other players rather than mobs :wink:

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Heh, me too. Assassinations.

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Name showing seems to be planned anyways, in one way or another, so i dont see why not from that perspective.

i would like a way to mark in wow style for dungeons and temples if there are groups of mobs, however it should be done in a way that it has a max proximity since i personally dont like the idea of tagging a creature or person to just easily keep up, i think keeping up with a creature or person without getting spotted is a skill which people should master rather than just saying 90 meters away and being able to track them :smile: