A noob looking to play with someone or join a guild

Hi everyone a noob here i like playing games with other people but sadly none of my friends play boundless . i just reached lvl 8 so i really am a noob and i was wondering if there is any guild i could join or anyone that wants to play together.


First off, welcome to Boundless!

If ya need someone to show ya the ropes I’m happy to!

You should start by joining the offical discord - plenty of people there who you can ask questions too if you get stuck.

I also often hang out in the Portal Seekers discord - a group that runs a network of portals connecting the planets.

In both cases my Discord name is Vansten#7912, just message if ya need anything or if ya wanna voice or whatever.


Thank you very much. i joined both of the servers. to be honest i am still a bit confused with a few things in game. if you have some time later i would appreciate the help



What planet do you live on? And are you PS4 or PC?


When you need help, visit me on Arie, River Towns. Ingame name: Darth Pain


Welcome to the game!


hey there!!
welcome to Boundless and best of luck!

community here is very helpful so I’m sure you will find your way through fairly easy :sunglasses:

I’m ready to answer any questions via pm should you have any, and I’m positive anyone replying in this thread will do the same for you.
You will have a lot of good options to join smaller or bigger guilds as well.


(^-^)/ Welcome


Welcome! Vansten’s great but if your clocks dont line up feel free to pm anybody on the forum and you will probably find a friend :grin: (there are a few potential exceptions but I think you can spot em easy enough). Also if you run into anybody with the TNT tag feel free to ask them for help as well. Nice to meet you!


If you ever find your way to Storis II, Lacuna has some friendly people.

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Welcome to the universe! Lots of great guilds out there, when you get a bit more used to the jumping and movement of your character, have a go at the Reaper Trials (parkour death run) if you succeed you may join the best guild in Boundless :wink:


dont forget about the second part of the trial, a long maze. i beat it in about 30 minutes, both parts

edit: sure, reapers is cool, but if you arent into that kind of theme you can join me, @Kelmat, @Ristok, and a bunch of other friendly people at autumn dell with no need to complete any sort of trial


So I ended up helping by showing him some planets and helping him set up a portal to his place on Lamblis (Portal N1 in PS Lamblis)

I gave him some stuff but nothing too overpowered yet - some gold and iron tools, and 100 cooked earthyams, as well as answering stuff he wanted to know.

While its easy to give new players AoE hammers and full sets of coils I think its better to just help them along so they can discover these for themselves.