A player cannot access the shop because he needs to sign into his boundless account, but he says that he never had one

He’s been playing since it was Oort Online and says that he never made a boundless account.

By making an oort online account he would have made a boundless account wouldn’t he?? As oort became boundless, I’m guessing the accounts moved over too

i don’t think he remembers what it is as he just launches the game from steam

accessing the shop as in parental in settings?
if so it uses the same account login
then he just has to do forgot password and it will be send to his mail


Is he trying to access a shop he created in Oort Online? Because that shop is gone I’m afraid.

What shop do you mean?

The shop in the settings that requires you to sign in to your boundless account.

as i thought, just let him follow the link i posted and start from there

i’ll let him know, thanks :smiley: