A Questionnaire About Augments!

Hi Everyone!

So, this is a quick & simple questionnaire about people’s usage of augments (Slingbow, bomb, and totem augments). If a shop sold all the augments types at competitive prices, would you buy them? I mean, do people even use them regularly and are they ready to buy them or not? If yes, which type would you buy specifically (slingbow, bomb, or totem)? I know “competitive” is very subjective but for the sake of it, let’s just assume the prices were indeed competitive (taking into consideration the prices of raw mats in the market).

Thanks for your time! :nerd_face:

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the only augments I frequently use at the moment are the damage augments on slingbows, and the revive augments on totems. I haven’t really broken into augments much yet, still finishing up some projects before I delve into it more

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Yeah i guess bomb augments are used less frequently than the slingbow ones. Thanks for your feedback!

i buy them cause they look pretty on a shelf
i would buy one off each type
and a bunch off the one you recommended

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Haha moebs 1 only of each? Will have to charge you triple the price xD :rofl:

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I tried them when they did the last update on them but still found they run out too quickly to be of any real use plus they don’t stack or auto load in a slingbow so whenever you run out in the heat of battle your slingbow loses the advantage and you very rarely get the time to go back into your inventory to load another one while being attacked. A useful amount on a reasonable hunting trip also takes up valuable inventory space …but that’s just my personal experience with them.

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I don’t use them as I don’t agree with how they function and I feel they are not worth the cost unless you absolutely need the absolute top of the line performance for some reason.

Theses ones are the only ones I do use and do not fall under the reasons I don’t agree with the other types.

I don’t buy or sell anything. I prefer to be immune to the economy and its problems at this time.

This was my biggest complaint about augments. Also the skill to craft them takes up valuable skill points I could more profitable spend elsewhere.

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True not auto loading is annoying. Faced that during the hunts especially when you’re quickly trying to revive someone before the wildstocks demolish you. :joy:

On the other hand, i find them helpful in adding a guaranteed effect to your weapon - something that a forger might’ve not been able to add during forging! For example, i forge range and lightness and add damage augment to the slinbow most of the time.

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Appreciate the feedback. They can be costly if used always i guess but still, i put them every now and then on some titanium slings to improve them without adding too much cost.


The way i see it is if you take just enough of them for a hunt, they will run out as soon as your slots are filling up. To cut costs, you can even take less than what is required for a full hunt and this way, they’ll even be finished before you fill up the other slots.

But yeah i agree all those problems concerning high cost, not autoloading, and taking up slots are valid. I’d recommend the devs to reconsider the cost or durability of those augments but they did this earlier aaand i think they’re too busy now with what’s coming up. Maybe later :smiley:

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