A Simple Desk & Chair

I was messing around on the Oort Night set that I’ve got build in [classified] and figured it might be nice to add in some of the new blocks, to liven things up a little bit.

I was toying around with the desk, which was originally just three blocks, and I wound up putting this together…

Three slabs, and five doors, and we’ve got ourselves a pretty good looking desk! :smile:

I also thought about adding a chair to the set, though gave up since I didn’t have the room. That said, you can make nice looking chairs in a similar way…

So there ya’ go! Some simple furniture! It’s not exactly an original idea, but it might help out those of you who’re looking for something to put in your homes! :smile:


“Skills to pay the bills.” :moneybag:


It would be nice if you created the ‘template’ of the chair or desk the game was able to convert the look into something a bit more, erm comfortable looking. :wink:

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Are you asking for scatter cushion support? (Obviously we’d support colour tinting to match the decor.)