A summurey of what we know from the Devs with some questions and thoughts from my end

Basic outlines for Oort as we know with the information of the devs.

*Oort Shards are an ancient technology you can use to create the most powerful items and contraptions. They’re the most common reminder of the Oort’s legacy. Strewn across every world in the universe, over millions of years Oort Shards have assimilated with their environment and will only provide power on the world you find them on.You start towards the center point of the Oort Universe. It’s dense, packed with worlds and characters.
The further a world is from the center of the universe, the more unpredictable and chaotic it is, the harder it is to get to.
Portals literally stretch our characters bodies across space and time. It takes a toll!
Portals to worlds near the center don’t stretch a character as much, it’s not as far so it’s relatively pain free to travel, anyone can do it.
If a character tried to travel out far out from the center their body would be stretched so far so fast they’d be instantly obliterated!
Luckily, our characters found a way round: by absorbing a mysterious source of energy, usually found within the heart of a Titan. Rift Shards.
By absorbing the power of Rift Shards, our characters learned they can travel and survive further and further from the center of the universe. The more they absorbed, the further they could travel.

So what do we know now about what will happen when we start a game of Oort online.
We all start on a tier 1 world or in oortian terms centre cluster worlds that don’t have a lot of demand on a players health.
These worlds will be base camps or as I like to see it Guild towns where each member of your Guild can build, craft etc.
We get to create combined beacons to claim land that is protected from others clans or malicious players
We can read in the dev logs that we all will start with nothing and that we will have to start with gathering basic resources, build tools and basic shelter. We have to find Oort Shards which are unique to the world you are on.*

“Everything in Oort Online is tangible and can be shared or traded. Focusing on nailing an inventory system should also allow us to keep things simple and familiar. “
When the game is past initial stage and new players join do we as established Oortians clustered in Guilds have the possibility to help the newcomers so that they have a more easy way to start when they chose to accept help?
Do they have to go through initiation to be able to get inside a Guild?

in reference to:
Tokens in Oort Online are essentially our form of metadata. They refer to players, locations, claims, jobs/stats and currency. Tokens are physical items you can collect that live in a separate inventory style interface, can be stored in chests and even thrown on the ground. You can craft your own player tokens (in my case, ‘Ben Tokens’) and give them to other players when you meet them. Here’s some examples:
Want to add your friend to a Beacon so they can build? Get your friend give you their personal Player Token which can then you put into your Beacon (just like a chest or any other inventory).
Want to track a location (for example: your home) on your minimap? Craft a Token and put it into your map inventory (again, just like a chest or any other inventory).
Want to see when your friend comes online? Throw their player token into your map inventory and they’ll show up when they’re online.
Everything in Oort Online is tangible and can be shared or traded. Focusing on nailing an inventory system should also allow us to keep things simple and familiar.

Now we have established our home in the peaceful tier 1 worlds and we have gathered enough resources(rift shards) for the next tier. The call for adventure is calling out loud.
By now the Guild will have different type of players as I understand that will be possible or isn’t that the case?
I see on the forum the discussion about the advancement of tiers and the need to have enough rift shards to be able to and therefore the need to slay a Titan.

*Share items, resources and collaborate on creations with your friends

Search for the unique Titan of your world*

Get killed by the Titan (you’re not powerful enough yet!)

Question: What should the punishment for dying be?
As taken from the old forum by Thorbjorn42gbf
Proposed punishments
Armor damage
Money loss
XP loss
Dropping full inventory
Dropping part of inventory
Waiting a period of time before re spawn
Important points
A too low death toll would make the players not fear death
A too high death toll would scare away the weaker or more casual players
A too low death toll would make PvP unporitable
Propositions of solutions
A lot of different solutions has been proposed so i am keeping to the more popular.
Make world with different kinds of death toll
Spawn worlds have very small ones while daily worlds have a very harsh death toll
Allowing people to “lock” item so they cannot drop them
This has very varying strength depending on the person who proposed it going from a single tool/weapon to a tool + a weapon + armor + a few items.
Varying the drop depending on who/what you are fighting with
Fx fighting against a Titan would ad serious debuffs that would hinder you from interring the fight again.

Quote from Ben “It is very unlikely we would have it so you drop equipped gear and quickbar when you die. It is also very unlikely you’d lose the contents of your pouch (currency, player tokens, gems) when you die. It’s very likelyyou will drop the contents of your inventory when you die. Unlike most games, this isn’t everything you own because we’re categorising items (in the pouch etc).
So there’s a big penalty for the stuff you’ve acquired since you last left your base, no penalty on the stuff you’re using.”

*Mine and gather for the best equipment available for your Tier 1 world

Return to the Titan with your friends. Defeat it and get your revenge!

Harvest the defeated Titan carcass for Rift Shards*

As I understand or hope is that you can’t kill a Titan on your own. You have to form teams to bring the Titan on its knees. So everyone part of the action of killing the Titan will get a part of the Rift Shards needed to make yourself stronger so you get to advance to travel to a higher tier and defeat an even more strong Titan. The discussion that goes on is that some people do not want to fight and do not care about that aspect of the game but want to see the different tiers anyway. The way I understand the game lay-out, this is possible if the fighters are willing to share their gained rift Shards or am I mistaken and do you really need to fight Titans?

My wish:
If you want to advance to the next tier you need to be with the party that brings down the Titan but you get the option to be a healer type player who can bring something else than just fighting skills.
If you chose not to help with slaying Titans you can only play on tier 1 where others can share everything with you for building and crafting purpose but not for getting stronger.
It is perfectly possible for a player to not go beyond the cluster centre world and still have access to other materials found on different tiers through the ability to share. Your fellow guild members who fight and get strong to travel further away can bring the loot back to you.

*Travel through the Portal with your friends to the new world with new creatures, flora, and resources

New world is further away than the first, it’s more exotic and more dangerous

(Return to top of this list and work your way down again, increasing the
Tier each time)*

On the the working on portals:
There’s two types: Portals and Warps. Bear in mind this is different to how they work in game now…
Portals are a permanent rift between two locations and can only be connected to other Portals. You make one then you make the other (or a friend does) and you connect them. You always know where they’re going to go. They are opened for a cost of Oort Shards for 60 seconds, and then they close again but they can be opened again and again (for the cost of Oort Shards).
Warps are a temporary rift, open for 60 second only, between where you are and either…
…a completely random world (within the same band of worlds, eg: tier 1)
…a specified location (using a location token)
…a specified online player (using a player token)
You can only travel to the maximum world tier you’ve unlocked or the rift will tear you apart as you’re not strong enough.

If you were on Lleb, you’d be mining for Lleb Oort Shards. You can only open a Portal or a Warp on Lleb using Lleb Oort Shards. So when you get there, you can’t get back home or anywhere else until you’ve found some shards.
Here’s a flow for if you had a base on one world and wanted to create a new one on a new, random world:
Build a Portal frame using Portal Blocks crafted using Oort Shards. Take out the Portal Token.
Open a Warp using Oort Shards to a random world.
Step through the Warp to a random new world. The Warp closes behind you after 60 seconds. Now you’re stuck here!
Mine for Oort Shards, place a Beacon.
Mine for Oort Shards, craft some Portal Blocks and make a Portal frame.
Place the Portal Token (from step 1) into the new Portal frame. It will go back to your original home now when opened.
Open your new permanent Portal using Oort Shards (for 60 seconds) back to your original home.
It’s done, you’ve created a new Portal link to a new world, completely in the game world!

We want crafting in Oort Online to be easy, experimental and not require to be switching to a wiki. To make crafting easy and not require the use of a wiki, all players need to do to craft an item is throw items/blocks in the ingredients section and the output will show outputs that can be crafted using those inputs (for example, eggs and flour craft a cake, but eggs, flour and a window will not craft anything). To make crafting experimental, some recipes can be enhanced using a modifier. For example, players may be able to craft a faster pickaxe using topaz as a modifier. The percentage increase in speed is random roll (within some limits) and success can be increased by increasing the amount of Topaz used as a modifier.
We don’t want players to have to learn new interfaces and concepts every time we add a new feature. The Beacons are a good example where we’re using the inventory interaction metaphor (“ooh, fancy design language”) to manage permissions in a more fun and tangible way. Usually with permissions management you’d find boring check boxes, lists and buttons. Here were using player and claim tokens.