A Survey. About Planets


I liked the 4 prong trees in water with the red egg on top. Can’t explain why.


Clearly @Blake is the “enemy of freedom”… A true champion of freedom would have released the 43 planets into the wild and just created new ones!

We know the evil thoughts you harbor in the middle of the night as you think up new ways to ensure the demise of Boundless players as we innocently explore planets.

On a personal note I cannot explain how horrific it was to be grappling up near the top of a mountain with a diamond grapple, flying in the air, and then as I come down end up going through a hole in the mountain that showed that it was completely empty inside all the way down to lava! Completely hideous and malevolent whatever God created that planet!


Personally knowing how hard developing algorithms can be I think you all did a great job for the first past.

While there were times the colors seemed extreme, I kind of didn’t mind having a few planets that were just crazy on the color scheme. I think we need stuff like that. I would have liked to have seen that black colored planet.

In regards to weird water and lava and other things, I don’t mind places that had water floating in areas that didn’t make sense, etc. It would be kind of cool to have planets with less gravity and other things as well.

I did mention to James that I think you all nailed it with the gleam. You clearly showed that you are listening to feedback and doing things to ensure we don’t have limited resources, etc.

I certainly look forward to another opportunity where we can explore all the planets you create. I hope you all can help make it a bit easier to travel to the new hunting planets as you iterate the universe to test out your planet making algorithm. Thank you for letting us be so involved in this part of the process in creating the new Universe!


I honestly think we need an assortment of different types of planets. Some could be more colourful like some of the hunting worlds presented. Others could be more neutral.

In my opinion, from the adventurer’s perspective, the vibrant colours could be cool to explore and collect blocks from; whereas, I think builders tend to favour a more neutral backdrop, although I am in no way claiming to be able to speak on behalf of anyone in this other than myself.


Please see the comments by myself, @lucadeltodecso and @nevir in this thread for some descriptions of the process we’re following:

If you would like to experiment yourself with colouring a world then it’s possible with the World Builder. It’s the exact same tool and system we’re using.

You can:

  1. Manually select all colours by eye, and then
  2. Create a recipe / set-of-rules that generates something similar.

The first is pretty easy the second is experimental and hard.

The aim is to make all worlds uniquely coloured using a variety of rules. But each world should look great in its own way.

For a first pass I thought the worlds looked great. But I fully expect them to look considerably better at 1.0. We achieve this by experimenting, iterating and practising.


I love the idea of floating water in cretin places but i think when it generates near a cave it kind of looks bad. can you guys set it to spill into the caves?


I really like the idea of using the community to show off these worlds. I think it gives us all an insight into the progression of what you are working on. It’s too bad there are seemingly not a lot of companies out there that will actually do this kind of thing.


I am ready. Mainly cause I want new players to gather resources from and have different colored blocks to make things out of. Is my desert base ready? Nope. Not even slightly ready.

I plan on moving everything I own to a Level 4 or 5 Blast World (or one that shares a similar look as Trilea Trif) once the worlds are put on the live server and Portal Seekers has a portal up for me to make it possible for me to move my incompleted desert base to a world that has biomes that naturally form the way I want them and make them perfect for what I have planned (same kind of project just different location).


How do i do this?

All i can do is select the block color from pre-made palettes. And i have no palette-nods.


How lot connections do you have between coders and artists? This task cannot be resolved without art theory of additional colours, using colour circle of J. Itten and other designer’s tricks. And here must be not only “all leaf blocks are varying shades of…”

Absolutely agree with that question. My wife is an art educator, so I will ask her advise for that.


Are you on testing or live? On testing I have the option to link a palette


I am on live, i test test…

Yes, there are some color nodes on test, will play with it. :slight_smile:

Edit 2:

It looks like some block color nodes still missing for the base worldcolor node.


What kind is it?


The blue one for blocks.


I get this:

Are you using the files from the github repo? Maybe that’s why I have those nodes, idk

Colour theory as a starting point to make the relevant palette

I only switched to testserver…


the “palette” nodes are not being shown when in a world-file (just a tiny bug), but honestly youd be pretty crazy to put all the stuff needed for a full procedural palette embedded directly into a world file (it gets HUGE) so I dont see that you would ever really want to use the palette nodes outside of the worldcolors custom-node file anyway.

Colour theory as a starting point to make the relevant palette

Ok, i see. I can open a palette instead of a world and save the palette and use it in the world.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


If I may add a few options:

[ ] I’m totally cool with letting the devs do their thing while they generate planets and get the code the way they want it.

[ ] I apologize, I can’t hear you over the sound of me playing the game that’s currently in production

[ ] I’m just here so I won’t get fined