A water wish

I wish we could collect water on other planets and bring them to our builds…so yellow…or green or pinky-purple water…


Gravel and lighting will change the color of water
Homeworld has grey gravel. The water has a purple-y cast to it especially at night.
I added luminous slate gravel in under the water and in a very few places stuffed gleam under the gravel and nicked the underside corner with a chisel to let the light through.
Now the water in that area has a blue cast to it.
I do however, really wish coloring the water itself was a thing


but crafting water with color tint would be nice, or even colorfull transparent, matt or metalic liquid would be nice :smiley:


The color of the water depends on the type of atmosphere it seems to me, right?


Ummm … I fat fingered my phone and may have reported someone. Not totally sure. If I did… False alarm!!!

Water only comes in “water” color. The variations are because of the different planet’s ambient settings. As I recall, there are only 3 liquid color channels left, which means there would only be 3 possible colors of water. Considering there are 255 colors, I’d hate to see the arguments about which 3 colors made it through.


So, I ahd some fun playing with water today :wink: I was unsure what it meant for water to be ‘water color’ I mean, I 100% understand the color is based off atmosphere, but it seems like it has it’s own…tinting. Unless atmosphere affects my bags…

I then went to Cardass…

So, that tinting does change with the atmosphere I am in, but it seems like the water has it’s own tint in my inventory, not ‘water’ tint. I just want it to keep what I harvest it at.
Colors dispalyed are interesting in Boundless. The knowledge book dispalys colors of the planet you are on, even event announcements do!
As to the 255 arguement…all of them sounds great, lol, but I’d settle for the atmosphere colors :wink:

Your water in your inventory will take on the tint of the atmosphere if you change planets. On a T1 it will change to blue :wink:

You can’t have 255, just 3. And then never add another fluid to the game. I’d rather they be saved for new mats some day than used to place a different water color on a planet.