Ability to hang gathered rock features upside down

It would be cool if we could hang the stalagmite looking rock features upside down to create stalactites :grin:


This has been suggested before and I agree. Would be cool to be able to orient these to surfaces in any direction. Might be an issue with the mechanic of breaking the block it’s anchored to. Just a guess, though.


I’d think now that starberry vines and goo are a thing, they’ve added a mechanic for blocks on the ceiling.

Bring on the stalagmites and ceiling shrooms!

Did stuff grow on the ceiling in NMS caves? I forget…


Pretty sure they could do something similar to how beams orient themselves to the targeted surface, but if destroyed, it could act like when a block-hosted plant is broken, not dissimilar to Grass or in-fact Goo Kernels.

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