About as "Off Topic" as you can get

So, Off topic.
Wayyy Off topic…

There is a Pigeon stuck in my chimney …

That is all



I heard that the day before yesterday too xD

You heard? What?

A friend of mine found a bird in their fireplace^^

Well its still stuck. Nothing we can do about it tonight :confused:

that’s pretty sad.

Oh no…
It’s gone quiet in there…
I can’t find the cat :confused:

try using the granpa tecnique! :smiley:

what’s that?

This post is someway ironic, with some real information.
don’t play with fire if you lack the basic skills. If you’re asking yourself “wich are the basic skills?” most probably you shouldn’t play with fire)
Granpa solution: Fire in the fireplace, obviously!
if the pidgeon can’t get out of the chimney and die trapped, it will become not healthy for you to breathe plus terrible smell. If the bird can get in and out without getting trapped, it will find it safe enough to build his nest inside, blocking the chimney and resulting in possible returning fire when you use the fireplace.
In any case it would be better to light a fire in the fireplace (if the bird couldn’t get out before, probably he will try harder now, otherwise he will die)

the only solution in wich you can have a win-win result (a survived and healthy bird with a working bird-free chimney/fireplace, is to call and pay a technician who can release the bird without destroyng/damaging your house :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why the Granpa solution is the common one used. you know it failed if after a while you see that the smoke doesn’t go the right way, in this case stop everything - your chimney is already blocked, call a technician and tell your granpa that his solution didn’t worked. He will blame the modern time, technology and your inhability to win the battle for life with a little bird.

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The noises stopped earlier. I hope it got out

I bet
it’s dead.

~Poem by Kuma~

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Wow… That’s dark… :confused:

Life is life nanananana.

No, but seriously everything dies.


Yes, Chuck too will die one day. Just like his career…

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well… that’s really sad and it sounds like a " memento mori "… I’m not ready to accept it @Havok40k :slight_smile: