About Reclaim system

So i got a question… Couldnt find the answer.

If my fuel runs out… Does my stuff go To reclaim storage even tough i have used it as “storage”.

So i have reclaimed my stuff but havent get those out of the beacon… So theres like 50k items Or whatever there.
Does reclaim save those too?

Yes, reclaims will merge! I know because I use the reclaim as storage!
So a beacon with an active reclaim will have the beacon items merged with the active reclaim.


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A person has 4 reclaims in the cloud from 4 old beacons that expired.

The person places down a new beacon control and does the process to attach a relcaim to that beacon they now have:

3 reclaims sitting on the cloud
and 1 attached to a beacon.

If that beacon expires all blocks that are in that beacon are merged with the attached reclaim to become a new cloud reclaim.

The person now has 4 reclaims sitting in the cloud.


This seems like a very easy thing to abuse

Well it’s in the cloud so you can’t exactly hit it, or send it to bed without supper.

Also, if you have gleam club it’s not easy to do :stuck_out_tongue:


Please explain… ?

No need to make as much storage if u just use reclaim

You can only merge reclaims once a month :slight_smile:


James has explained that it doesn’t actually store the items as we know them. Just a tiny identifier for each item (or something like that). I’d have to dig up the info.

@Buugi , you’ll need to clear out your previous reclaim to get to your most recent one. Yes, all of your items will be saved until you retrieve them :+1: It also matters which beacon you open the reclaims on and with what character.

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No storage? Use reclaim…
The thing is reclaim is very handy but as a main storage (while still active in game) can be done but keep in mind every thing you take out can’t be popped back in. :wink: so eventually you will end up with chests that are full of mats…

Have on my main 6 reclaimes and 1 active reclaim… problem is the active one is full of nonsense and i need the mats in the other ones eventually before the active one is empty.

@Buugi keep in mind the beacon has to run out for the reclaim merge to happen. Believe forcing it with GL won’t work or result badly.
Atleast that is something I remember reading.

Thx guys… Guess Ill wait 4weeks then

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Use a reclaim alt, if you are on a sov planet that you dont own you can get the owner to force reclaim your plot.

Alternatively if you own the planet boot up steam/playstation, login as a completely different profile and make a reclaimer alt and then give your main permissions to your reclaim plot and then force reclaim when you are done filling it with chests and trash.

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Honestly, I use this all the time for mining lol.

I place a beacon full of storage, go out and mine then after several hours or when it’s utterly full hit that reclaim button. I thought this was pretty much common knowledge as everything gets nicely sorted and stacked for you as well.

Definitely brilliant for collecting multiple rock colours etc. It also saves quite a lot of warping home to get more tools too :grinning:

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Yes, I can confirm it ends badly lol. 30 chests full of rock and gems going pooooof badly

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I could have swore the force reclaim preserves the contents if its done using the planet controls, ill have to go test it with my alt account and the farming planet i have…

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:wink: would still mean i have to empty out my beacon in the first place :joy: can’t move the reclaime to a different beacon (zone).

Anyway it isn’t a huge issue for me as i am prepared to manually empty out the beacon in to chests I already have placed. So i can access the others. (Have to reclaim the area in the end to :wink:)

I would use a portal in that case…

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I havent yet took items from my reclaim storage… Sure i have plotted land and reclaimed but items are still In the beacon so To say… Are those gonna Carry over the next reclaim If fuel runs out that are “In the beacon”

“should” i believe is the operative word in that case as long as you dont touch it and let it do its own thing…

I think all my replies are about ways you should not do it.

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