Abusing automoderator

Currently, you can abuse automoderator very easily by just flagging posts. Topics are closed because people are flagging posts, no matter whats in them. Automoderation is the worst kind of moderation, simply because it so prone to abuse.

Let’s experiment. Please just leave short message, and flag this post. Let’s see how many flags it need to be auto closed :wink:

I flagged it myself already.


I love experiments, here is some data

Totally inappropriate.

I do love a good experiment, but this ones not the best use of anyones time.

We can look at the settings for automod though and see what we can do to perhaps ease it up (no guarantees).

The automod is ultimately very useful, as we can’t be awake at all times of the day - it’s locked posts while I’ve been asleep and I’ve been happy to wake up and see it’s done a good job.

Locking this as we’re happy to look into it, but getting hundreds of flags is going to waste valuable time.