Account bound cosmetics/ etc

Me and boundmore actually talked about this while ago.

I dont really get it why your cosmetics example are char based…
As everyone know… i removed my char… i knew what would happen and thats how we got talking about this.

I suggest all stuff you pay through real life money should be account bound…
My issue is that you can first pay for the game… then pay 200€ worth of plots… if you delete you char … it all goes poof.

There could be dofferent currency for this that you could choose between cubits and real money.

Just dropping this here cause its one of the things why im not going to Continue playing the game.


Not had the pleasure of meeting you yet and I’m sorry to hear you feel this way, i hope that changes and you find your way back :slightly_smiling_face: . I agree that money should be account locked, maybe a second option to purchase with money instead of having to convert to cubits first. There was also talk about sharing plots with all characters by gaining a plot deficit upon character deletion, could do the same with cosmetics IF that happens. Have a good day dude :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to know and good thoughts Buugi.

I agree with OP. If I paid for plots and couldn’t transfer them to a fresh character if I wanted, for whatever reason, to wipe all my characters, I would be disinclined to stay with the game.

Doesn’t really apply to me, but it definitely applies to some.

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Ok, I am all for account wide plots and cosmetics so don’t get me wrong, but why would one want to start fresh with a new character and yet still want the plots?

Why not delete every single beacon manually and drop your inventory? Heck you can give away the coin too, or dig down, find a cave, put beacon down, plop a request basket down, stuff all coin in there, delete beacon and walk away.

That’s still a fresh character then? If you want the char to have a new name perhaps then we should ask for a rename character option somewhere!

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Got me that’s his choice. But he’s right, he shouldn’t lose stuff he paid for.

Maybe he wanted a fresh start at level 1 for some reason?

It would be nice to have that option, but I just never delete a character I paid extra stuff for.

It’s like putting a stereo system in your car, getting rid of the car, and then getting mad you don’t have a system. It was choice to get rid of it.


This is not just cause i happened to delete my char.

This is general problem… theres no “comeback mechanic”. theres literally not even a account wide cosmetics wich i find pretty odd.

i actually created new char after few weeks… just to see if the early game would make me wanna comeback…
No … it didnt.
What was the thing i missed the most was my plots and cosmetics… i personally had put around 100€ to gc + cubits.
It prolly is not that much but at least i would like to have all the stuff i have technically bought with realmoney to be transferred to my new char or to some account wide “bank”


Thats understandable, if we could buy items with cash directly at a probable higher rate, that could make it account bound, but at the low item cubit cost, and only being able to buy cubits for a specific character i dont see it changing unless they sold higher real life cost items directly in store.

As for buying plots directly with cash so its shared between the account, that would make sense. It could remove and add from the account plots as the individual characters use the plots and earn more.<3

you get the message that cubits, exchange items, etc get deleted permanently.
also saving your purchased/exchanged plots as making then account bound after you have deleted a char makes no sense.
then u could just level up again from zero and get even more plots?
however, I do think that exchanged cubits for fashion should be account-wide unlocked
800 or 1200 cubits per item that’s a tad too much this means I have to level up 4x so gain 800,000 exp
for 1 item of 1200 cubits, but that’s also about 80 plots for me, and wel id rather go for plots over fashion since it is pretty expensive I would like to see achievements in-game unlocks fashion.
let’s take the wings of lovestruck as an example, how about it was either trade 100 roses unlocks that fashion for you, or make 50 Oorty dolls unlocks a tattoo something like that.

@james don’t let us just exchange cubits for fashion items how about coins as well or by achievements?

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Buugi knew how it works.
He is not complaining that he lost his items unexpectedly.

He simply points out that real money acquired stuff should be account-bound.
And I agree.
Would be good to have option to buy stuff for cash (without going through cubits) and have it attached to account - freely movable between alts and not lost upon deleting any of the alts.

Long story short: cubit bought stuff - character bound; real money bought stuff - account bound.


I generally agree. My normal standpoint on cosmetics in games is that I only ever buy them once. In games where they’re character bound I only ever buy them on my main, and usually the ones that I like. In games where they’re account bound, I usually aim to collect all of them, because I know I can use them on any alts that I feel like at the time. In terms of money, that means I typically spend more on cosmetic items when they’re account bound than when they’re character bound.

I guess if you really need to keep a middle ground, you could do it like SWtOR handles it, and have them unlock for the character(s) that unlocked an item, but then have an additional purchase that makes it accessible for the whole account. But I don’t honestly know if I’d really unlock that many for the account and probably just revert back to ‘all on my main’ decision making.

As to plots… I don’t know, that would be a whole lot harder to manage without introducing a second currency or second plot allocation per character and would probably get more complicated than beneficial. Although I will agree that it is sad having paid for something that you have no way to transfer or reclaim later.

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All you would have to do is if the character that bought the cubits using real money is removed then you refund the cubits to the account. You do not have to worry if they were used to purchase plots or cosmetics. The cosmetics and plots would disappear with the character being erased, but if the account has the cubits then the new character can repurchase the plots and the cosmetics anyway.


@Buugi Didn’t even had to read the actual thread, you had me at the title.

Cosmetic stuff should be account-wide, the fact that it’s not is ridiculous to me.


I support this idea 100%. Devs, let’s make this happen! As a temporary fix, maybe toss some cheat loaf in his inventory to grant the cubits to unlock his plots and cosmetics?

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