Account Wide Plots


In every game I have played this is either not allowed (Minus the legal situation for an under age player) or is done under the table, so that is a point i don’t really agree with, But never the less, that is why I also suggested that this be a function that needs to be manually turned on, so that people do so share accounts can still be happy and opt out of the situation.

Perhaps the word „problem“ is the wrong word, But a Solution that would fulfill the result of


Is what I intended


This is usually pretty easy to solve - 3 plot wide connections. Plus if the person does that and still has issues they can open up a support ticket and have the devs confirm if there is a problem. That also gives people in game the ability to help that person resolve the settlement bridge issue.

It really makes no sense to put another solution into the game that changes whole parts of the game (that some people like) just to solve another issue that has no relevance to the original idea.

I am not sure how it becomes a nightmare… all relevant parties would have permissions to build. The only thing you need to manage is how to split it up… Or how to put the effort into a single character to get all the plots on it.


So, just to reiterate, I have no problem with the current setup. This was just a point for additional value that could be gained from an account wide plot system.

My puzzle piece plot system begs to differ with this should be easy. I can’t easily pull my build apart into alt plots without the high potential of losing something. My solution is to move to a new build then deconstruct my old one.


This is the reason I would like the ability to transfer all of my plots to one character. While building I could plot any part of my build without hopping around on my characters. The inability to plot above a different beacon either forces me to awkwardly divide up areas or waste plots on air to connect the floater to the beacon below. Think of a tree in the middle of a town that overhangs the roads. You can either replot the roads to the tree base or “pillar up” empty plots to where the limbs hang over the roads. The current set up pushes you towards building cuboid structures if using multiple characters to afford all of the space.

  • When a character reaches level 50 its plots become account wide plots.
  • Characters < level 50 can’t use the account wide plots, only their own plots.
  • When you delete a character < level 50, nothing differs from what we have today.
  • When you delete a character level 50, your account keeps the plots.