Active defenses

Has there been any talks of active defenses for builds on high tier planets?

Meaning like turrets or something to defend builds on difficult planets?

Just curious, would be nice. Especially to protect visitors. Would make creative builds more viable on high tier so people would visit


I’d like a force field that could be turned on via the beacon or guild buff. Turrets would be nice too :+1:

Settlement-wide atmospheric protections would also help (but the second you walk out into the wild, watch out lol)


I really like the idea as it is something I would do in modded minecraft. However, we would need to think about how to implement this idea without changing the balance of the game. Something that could help prevent abuse would be to not get drops from monsters killed in this fashion.

Edit: added a not get drop


Agreed. I love the idea but it would have to give you no mob drops. And probably no XP if you kill the mobs (otherwise people would just hang out near their turrets and try to get in last hits after the turrets do all the work).


Yes I agree, purely for build protection.

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Also turrets would have to not damage landscape blocks probably, otherwise people would probably try to use them for mining (plot in the middle of a mining area, build a turret, lure a mob into range, then run it behind a bunch of walls to get the turret to take them down)


Turret kills should give drops to encourage people to build on high tier planets, but turrets should require the beacon or plot to be at least 1 hour old before being placed, like with liquids (that way people can’t plop turrets next to meteors).

Turrets could also require batteries that deplete over time, similar to how we fuel portals but not with Oort as the fuel source.


Personally I think active defenses such as turrets should be somthing for players to do at end-game, and as such could require lucent gems as part of their crafting;

by contrast, atmosphere protection bubbles could require a large amount of 2 gems in order to craft (like diamond and ruby for resisting blast and burn world atmosphere), and could be manually set to the actual size of area it would be protecting, with a larger cost per hour for larger sizes


Although if you were to add different tiers of turret with damage appropriate for different tiers of planet, it could be a “throughout the game” feature, not just an endgame one.


T3 cuttletrunks were my crafter’s bane when I lived there :rofl: I probably shoulda just built a door…


A protected (underground?) reserved plot accessible from within the protection of a portal hub would give one the ability to warp to your beacon (you’d have to relocate the master beacon to someplace also safeish if it isn’t there already) for the intraplanetary 100c. Underground I haven’t figured out the algorithm or gist of how one emerges back at a location in one’s location list, I don’t even come out of the beacon at my own house the same way each time so this suggestion comes from incomplete understanding of what makes one pop out up on the surface or on one’s roof or behnd the cabinet nside or under the stairs or…

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Seems like the more confined you are, the more likely you will come out on top.


Yeah I always thought that this would be a good idea. Maybe when you become a settlement you could get an NPC that you could set up to do things like defend your settlement. Become a city get another npc. Become a great city get another npc. Then city’s would feel more alive when no ones around.
Good idea either way.


I am curious too. I have a huge indoor farm and I alwaysssss load on top of the building instead of inside it.


Maybe it could tie into like a robotics skill set? Not sure, someone who can make robot sentries. Give some life to cities.

Tech fragments can be used and combined into machine parts?

Could take lucents to run, or gems.

I always wanted robots or moving tech. Maybe this could tie together?

Sapphires can make the robot shoot frost beams.
Rubies fire beams.
Topaz electric.

Blink can increase atk or move speed of robots
Rift maybe causes a pull in ability and they become melee range attacks?

Interesting ideas, would be fun I think.

Tech fragments could be used for repairs periodically. When the machines break down

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I have also just wanted a little chibi style robot following me around lol, but probs wont happen

He could have excess inventory slots that people crave

You need head room to portal in. If you don’t have headroom it puts you on top.
2-3 blocks of headroom over your beacon should do. Now if you make a portal. And it’s bigger that the headroom. It pops you on top. I use to always do it after squatch hunts to put the portal on top of my tower.


If I have to agree to fuel turrets with Oort to be allowed to HAVE turrets? Yes Please!

I would make a blimp, with turrets below, and rebuild it every few days like it’s moving across Mcrib.


The sanctum portal has to have room to open. if there isn’t a 3 high by 2 wide spot on top of the beacon you will open to the roof above it, or somewhere nearby.

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Thank you, that is exactly how I build, super cramped with everything in hand’s reach; I can start adding back yards though and move the beacon out there, or basements. Very helpful, thanks!