Active defenses

Gotcha. Maybe whether I exit on the roof or off to the side is affected by the angle I leave the Sanctum at, which I’m never going to get around to a strategy for, so thank you too for the information coz I’m going to move my beacons into the yard or basement crop room with lots of clearance on all sides, etc.

If you make a small tunnel that is 2 blocks high by 1 block wide and log out at the end of it you will 99% of the time get bumped to the top. Not sure how long it has to be but around 8 blocks should do the trick

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When you log out, the sanctum portal brings you back to the exact same position. It places the 2x3 portal in the world facing the same way you logged out (it can randomly flip direction, aka rotate 180 degrees, but not 90). Since it’s 2 blocks wide and the stored coordinate is just a single point, the extra width always goes to the North or West side. If something is blocking that position, it’s Y coordinate is increased (so it’s moved up) until it finds a valid location. Signs, panes, half slabs etc all count as occupying the whole block and bump the portal.

So the safe way to log out is to have a block of free space on every side, a clean 3x3 cube for the portal to spawn.

I’m not sure about the rotation when opening the right side sanctum portal to some place, otherwise the same rules apply. The coordinates are just the beacon control instead of the log out position.


Thanks, both of you for helping me with some of the many deep and wonderful mysteries of the Oortiverse. :slight_smile:

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Why not just have a central battery core that powers your entire build? I have no issue with it running off of oort.

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I guess I’m one of the few people who doesn’t use the sanctum portal. I carry warp stone with me everywhere I got and just use a 1x2 when I need to go somewhere. Not like it’s hard to craft. And if you go hunting, you can collect the warp stone. I have stacks of it in storage.

I haven’t run across a way to switch characters w/o passing through the Sanctum. That would be a cool forge tho.

Warp stone is a nice mellow light source for reading a map while avoiding aggro critters.

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Also, combined with other blocks, it can make a ceiling that looks like a starlit sky

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