Actual footfall numbers?

Does anyone know the actual footfall you get for each person who visits your beacon?

There are some numbers here:

But I’ve noticed that when I get one visitor at my settlement with 300,000 prestige, I get 140 footfall. If I get one visitor at my settlement with 13,000 prestige, I get 80 footfall. So the numbers on that site don’t seem accurate, but I’m not sure.


The wiki numbers are outdated. The system got updated in patch 211. The coin numbers were doubled, but you get less footfall for returning visitors and also less footfall overall the more visitors your beacon has.

(most of the numbers in the spreadsheet were calculated once we had figured out the math, only the black numbers were proven through testing)

If you have multiple beacons in one settlement you can not get footfall from the same visitor twice per day, only the first beacon visited counts. Players that have permissions on your beacons don’t generate footfall, only visitors.


I’ll go edit the wiki page to give a little more info and link to that document.

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Super helpful thank you!!

Okay, I have a couple questions about the spreadsheet.

What does “payments within the last 24 hours” mean? Is that how many times you’ve collected the footfall or is that how many visitors you’ve had?

I was under the impression that you were penalized in the footfall formula for every day you don’t visit the beacon. Is the “Days since last visit” in the spreadsheet the number of days since the player has visited their own beacon, or is that the number of days since the other player has visited the beacon owner’s beacon? I.e. if Player A visits my beacon every day, I will continually only get a 25% multiplier for their visits?

Visitors that generated footfall.

After 7 days of not visiting the settlement your beacon is in your footfall is reduced by 1% each day. So on day 8 a visitor will only generate 99% of the footfall listed in the spreadsheet. This reducation is not included in the spreadsheet.

This is the correct one.


I thought 80 per person was the max

Are you sure the 140 isn’t two visitors?

Looking at the spreadsheet it does seem like it can go higher than 80, but I have no way of really knowing how many visitors it was. I guessed it was probably one because it was my home beacon and there’s not really anyone who would have a reason to visit my home :disappointed: so to have two visitors overnight seemed unlikely. :sob: lol

If you have very few visitors, footfall gets boosted above 100%

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If my knowledge is still correct, you get a base footfall of 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100c from one unique visitor based on whether your settlement is a great city (100c) or something lower. This number is doubled if said person has not visited within the last five 24 hour days… so 40, 80, 120, 160 or 200c. The same visitor cannot generate footfall again until 24 hours have passed since their footfall-generating visit. You will also receive slightly less depending on how much visitation the settlement has received within the last few hours… maybe 183c instead of 200 etc.

If a person re-visits after 24 hours, you will receive up to 1/5 of the max footfall; for 200c this would be 40c. If that person visits daily they will generate 40c or less per day. If the same visitor does not return until the end of day 5 you would get the full 200c. If this person visits every 3 days you would get 120c per visit and so on.

Lots of moving parts.