Add 3x3 chisels and spanners


I’d love to see 3x3 chisels (including transmutation chisels) and 3x3 spanners! God, that would save me so much freaking time. I’d definitely chisel and craft more (more crafting with easier coil repair)


3x3 block change chisels <3


Can think of any occasion I would use a 3X3 Chisel, but no objections to it.

3X3 spanners and block changers need to happen!


Aoe spanners have been on the wanted list by many for long while…definitely needed


Pretty pretty please @james


ooh! and while we’re activating AOE and transformer chisels, can we please get XP from block transforming? it actually takes a lot more resources and work just to get one of those chisels, it should be worth more xp than regular chiselling.


Seems you can think of an occasion where you want to use a 3x3 chisel :wink:


Lol, oh yeah!


Lol!! :blush: :blush: :blush: