Add a new permission to beacons that allow others to plot and unplot


I have a shared builds with a friend who takes a break at the moment. I have build permissions which allows me to modify the build. But I can’t extend the build in vertical direction without her loggin in to place a new plot.

Can’t we have a new option for beacons to also allow others to change the plots?


Whose plots are you using, yours or the other players? If you are going vertical then I would have to assume hers? Should one player be able to use the plots that another player earned or actually spent rl money on?


I’d let people use my plots if I could. Would be nice not to have to log in for that too. Also I’ve spent :moneybag: on them too.


Yes, if that player agrees to it why not? Maybe we could have a pool of plots we could allow people we give permission to use. I recently had a neighbor that wanted to make some scaffolding above one of my builds so he could chisel his build. I was on vacation at the time so he had no way to build it


Hers. And yes, if she enables this, I should be able to use her plots (they will be used on her beacon, she can always undo this).


True they can always unplot when they get back or see what has been done and leave it standing.

Now so someone has left the game, so with this permission you can continue to use the build and add to the build (with their pool of plots) as long as you keep the beacon fueled. Unless they delete the character the pool of plots will always exist. Is this an exploit or just the way the game is played? Since no one has anyway to know a player has left the game permanently unless they do delete a character, not sure anything could be done about it anyway.


I would love it if my own characters had control of my plots by default, and could freely plot off of my account’s character plots.
A little annoying I’m forced to place another beacon and extend it from that, and then can’t overlap.

Hell, what if;

  • You could allow someone the allocation of X number of plots for you on that single build?

  • But then what if you suddenly need them back for whichever reason? Can the other person even remove them, or do you have to?

  • What if someone abuse it and remove the given plots once the other person have moved all their stuff over, and then just take everything themselves by re-placing the plots in their own name?

  • A warning that the person is revoking the permissions and you have X time to take your stuff back, while it’s ‘suspended’ in a temporary plot that belongs to the removed player?

It would be a nightmare to solve in an ordeal way I’d imagine, which is why I’m not sure it’d work to ‘share plots’ outside of your own account’s characters sharing.

While we’re at that part, I wish character wallets were shared on your account. Right now, you can’t share money with your own account, unless you stick the money in a shell-guild with your own characters as the only members, and then give it to your other character that you wanted it on.

A bit impractical, but doable.


I think the shared plots would operate under the assumption that the person who owns them can take them whenever they want, remove your permissions at any time, all footfall belongs to the plot owner, and everything you placed in there would be lost if the beacon died.

Maybe add advanced beacon settings with plenty of warnings about how beacon sharing would work. But I don’t even know if this is even possible or as simple to implement as we’re assuming it to be.


Exactly. I don’t want the game to get even more complicated. But you already can do everything in another beacon if you have all permissions, everything but changing the plots. Which is something I miss rather often.


The amount of support tickets and mistakes and potential for abuse that I can see this creating, I am sure is why we can’t have such things.

I don’t quite find this to be a reasonable solution, Something that is enabled on a beacon should only have effects on the beacon, Not the owners character, as that is where unused plots are stored, Since you may be draining plots that might have gone else where, otherwise, It can create a problem when the player for whatever reason doesn’t quite understand, where the plots has gone and which plots are new.

The only aspect to this I could agree on, is if the beacon owner could Pre-allocate a number of plots that could be used this way to that beacon and only that beacon, Having uncontrolled access to the players plots I feel is unreasonable.

Considering how the game fails to educate and warn players about Beacon fuel running out in a manor to prevent select new players from losing it all and quitting, I do not think „Plenty of Warnings“ would be good enough at this time.


That’s why I think it should be an advanced permission tucked away behind another button or something. If people cant figure out how to fuel a beacon, i doubt they would figure out how to put plots into a separate pool and turn on the permission for another player to use. So I wouldn’t worry about those people on this one.

And the game does notify you when you have beacons low on fuel. I don’t see how people can play a game and not read notifications and help tips if they are new even though I know it happens lol


I also don’t see how people can not notice the warning sign on the door into a radioactive area, open that door, and walk right on in with out a care in the world, but I have witnessed this a few times where I used to work.

The fact of the matter is, is there are quite a few people who don’t seem to want to read stuff. unless you put it right in front of there face with something „Attractive“ drawn on it.

There will always be the people who don’t read stuff, and need a much more visual or simple or „on the rails“ way of having things explained to them in a game.


I don’t think “plot permissions” would be more dangerous then “build permissions”, which we already have.


In terms of losing stuff in the plots? Perhaps not.

For me, It is mostly the fact of someone having uncontrolled access to another characters plot pool on a different account and causing a problem or creating confusion from that.


No way around that i guess, but we shouldn’t base not adding new features to the game because someone might not read and comprehend well. Thats on them, but they would easily be able to get their plots back and remove permissions. Nothing lost there besides the person who built on their plots.


There would need to be some kind of extra system to make this possible, otherwise the player haves no idea which plots were added by someone else.

Also the player may not even notice they are missing plots until they go to try to use some, notice they can’t, then they may not even think about the permission they gave some time ago if they came back from a break from the game, and might be „motivated“ to pay IRL money for more plots because they were under the impression they ran out of plots on their own doing at the time, because they forgot someone had uncontrolled access to their plot pool,

Hence why I think the only reasonable way to make it work, is to allow the owner to Pre-allocate a number of plots that could be used this way to that beacon and only that beacon, and preferably in a way that is logged. That way the player cannot come back and suddenly find all of his and/or her plots were 100% used up. Only the plots that are Allocated can be used. This also adds Damage Control against abuse, if a player only wants a select amount of plots used.


@Trundamere I agree