Add an in game views of furnace recipes

In the hopes the Devs actually see this posting, from what I’ve read so far, there are no in-game views of furnace recipes/item combonations, etc. All other machines have them. As a new player, it is rather annoying to have to flip back and forth between the game and online forums to find recipes. Otherwise, I have to sit and create random combinations until something works, which is a waste of time and not a very fun element to gameplay.

Am I missing something?


Press Tab key and go to the knowledge option, its all there! =D

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I agree it could be easier. Probably something they’ll fix later on down the line in a QoL update

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That knowledge feature is very valuable. My only addition to this suggestion is to put a filter edit box so we can type a part of info of an entry in the list and have those matching items be the only ones visible.

There are so many entries, it’s hard to find specific entries.


This request has come up frequently. I’ve been trying to flesh out the official wiki with this kind of information, and with my very limited time I guess I should focus on Furnace recipes since that seems to be a niche that can be easily filled by that resource.

If the experts here can double-check that I’m leaving nothing out, I believe the Furnace is required for all of the following.

Have I missed anything? (edit: yes, glue)

Of course, anyone else can contribute. It’s a wiki. Having a good wiki might make a newbie’s life easier and encourage more people to play.