Adding a bed and tamable animals

Hi this is ChiefTvGangGamer and im a YouTuber who plays and streams and I wanted to know if you could maybe add a bed in the next update and add the interaction where we could sleep and also maybe add some tamable animals that we could ride and have as pets also some water creatures and I rlly would like you to add these pls and thank you and I rlly would appreciate it if you add these two things in the next update


Welcome. The devs might be doing some type of furniture update soon(this year?). I don’t know if a bed will be part of it.

A lot of players have asked for the ability to tame animals and for transportation.

We’ll have to wait for the next couple of updates this year to see what they add in. :slightly_smiling_face:


We really need interior decorating. It’s hard to be motivated to build a giant castle when there’s almost no roleplay options for rooms.

Emoji helps a tiny bit.


I just want a wildstoke to ride around as a mount. And be able to summon it when ever I want.


i just want a roadrunner or at least superfast car to ride around XD


A bed would definitely be near the top of my wishlist. :slight_smile: Can create one with blocks, but would be really neat to have one we could lay down in, good for afk time haha - house just isn’t a home to me without a proper bed!


I dont mind running and exploring on land, but if you were on a mount you might miss something cool. On the water we need a retractable boat of sorts. Planets with lots of water the swimming gets redundant and ppl dont want to explore that planet if they have to swim half the time. Also some sort of loot boxes, gets ppl back into roaming and exploring maps.


I want ridable hoppers. It will remind me of my spacehopper as a kid.


Yup I agree with you

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I’m also for loot boxes, since they’ve essential removed base raiding…

I’ve seen someone make a bed with wicker. I’ve done one with cool blue sponge, side tables and lamps. Closest you can get is to use the sit emote.


Or we can have a underwater creature that we can ride

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@james do you think at some point we do get a furniture update?


Key word is ‘add.’ As in “new.”

The number of creatures in the game is woefully low. Different planets should have creatures unique to that planet.

And no water creatures? :frowning:

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I still wonder what happened to the warp wraith
It looked like it was nearly complete


True they should also add water creatures

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We’re getting space ships tho! Woooooo! Space ships!!!

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Will we be able to fly em and that’s awesome

No idea, but they once mentioned in an interview in early 2019 that they we would get space ships!!

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That’s awesome I hope we can fly em